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Freightliner COE

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Hi everyone, haven’t posted in a while. Been busy with this! AMT’s Freightliner COE. One of the tougher kits I’ve had the pleasure, or displeasure lol, of building. But I think it looks pretty good! Box stock mostly. Tamiya paints and some decals from the spare parts box. The fitment of the interior into the cab and then onto the chassis was the toughest part, but with some trimming here and there it all came together pretty straight and even! Thanks for looking and of course all comments welcomed!!! ?2C1E046D-024F-4EFB-A8EE-BA6AE838FEF9.thumb.jpeg.0f63ebf9be4033bf9429b4fb54402e93.jpegAB679BC0-B52C-49CF-BE6E-FC89519DEA2A.thumb.jpeg.c863c1373e0d10ac7fe2193c9c508527.jpeg28FA6D1A-55F7-45F0-A005-F3337B0094A9.thumb.jpeg.48d416f3641cc20e09b00d8316b67c2b.jpeg75FFB5CB-6818-4BFD-B7DA-C133E59FCA04.thumb.jpeg.ca65c800046c0b526ec59e6e65f455db.jpegD54D4B89-000C-4641-BFB8-88BBAD5A7DC1.thumb.jpeg.4d759d13dfe267967868f55568525c7a.jpegE2DDC242-94EC-4F52-B8AA-24A4C376845A.thumb.jpeg.2a8b769bcf37b177319be5b56a1d2148.jpeg37293E5D-6877-4696-B02F-B533D18238BF.thumb.jpeg.3f73c52fd86f4b4dd3f0dd304f175144.jpeg21F4E28E-A1F4-443B-B2FE-096EE2CB7876.thumb.jpeg.b51d8320ebfc3c8204729d2cf3d136cd.jpeg99468A94-2497-4F18-B9CC-2791BEB5C485.thumb.jpeg.43125e0381cd9f0eca2576e65c30ff09.jpegB13DFE1C-492C-4094-BF8A-3C15D81DCF05.thumb.jpeg.498f0abfcbe1e9a29c678a322c047155.jpegE3623803-04FC-43A7-9470-DD237D57921C.thumb.jpeg.a28a709acf6b3d19c645f0b87ee06db6.jpeg

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16 minutes ago, DRIPTROIT 71 said:

Very nice, clean build! Great work!!


7 minutes ago, Jim B said:

Looks really nice.  I've heard these kits are an absolute bear to build!

Thanks guys and yes Jim it’s tricky. The 3 part cab is bad, in the end I decided not to fill the joint between cab and sleeper, it was going to cause more headaches I felt. 

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13 minutes ago, DPNM said:

All your aggravation looks to be worth it to me. Very nice!


12 minutes ago, TECHMAN said:





8 hours ago, Sam I Am said:

Beautiful!  Stunning!  Superb!


Thanks guys, much appreciated 

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On 4/11/2019 at 2:11 PM, landman said:



On 4/13/2019 at 1:09 PM, Hermann Kersten said:

Nice truck, i also like the colour scheme.





On 4/12/2019 at 10:29 AM, Force said:

Nice truck.


16 hours ago, towman1271 said:

great looking

Thanks !!

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On 4/15/2019 at 4:42 PM, Ken Gilkeson said:

turned out great


20 hours ago, Plastheniker said:

Clean wor and a very beautiful paintwork!


16 hours ago, Trendsetta68 said:

That's gorgeous! 

Thanks guys. Ken, I love the paint schemes you do on your rigs!

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3 hours ago, Sledsel said:

Looks great!!! 

I am working on this kit here and there. My first glue kit after my snap Revell Kenworth is done. 

After a little reading, I am a bit intimidated now... LOL 

As with any kit, take your time! Test fit things, then test fit them again. Let glued pieces dry completely before moving on. On parts that will be under stress or some weight I like to use 2 part epoxy. Can’t remember everything I adjusted of course, but I do remember trimming a bit away from front of cab at bottom, just above bumper so it will tilt properly. Also the top edges of interior door panels, so it would slip in the cab easily. Top of air intake on radiator was trimmed a bit to make room when cab closes. Hope it helps!

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