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Shortening the AMT Firestone F350

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Some time ago, I saw someone had shortened the F350 bedside on the AMT kit.  As I am unable to find it and use it as a guide, I started one myself. 

I got the bedsides cut to length, now I need to adjust the wheel opening.  I am unsure of where exactly to place them.  I know the opening needs to move forward and down.  I am not in possession of a 1:1 so I can only rely on images and as they are at all different angles, it is difficult to get accurate measurements.

Here is the one side done and the other original to compare.  Both are now cut to length and the leading edges are done.


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If you have a Moebius '69 or '70 (2wd) F100 kit, I'd use it's short bed as a guide as to where to place the wheel well openings.  The F100 short wheelbase was the same on both the bump side and dent side generations.  115 inches.   I'll probably try this myself eventually, I have a resin dent side long bed with the standard wheelbase (instead of the AMT Camper Special extended wheelbase). 

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