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Another way to deal with molded-in lenses

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One detail I didn't mention which might be useful if you're building any of these ''63-'64 Caddys: The taillights in the bumper are molded in; they should be sort of translucent from being ribbed on both sides. To get clear lenses, I poured a rubber mold over the bumper. When it cured, I removed the bumper, carved the molded lenses out, then put it back in the mold making sure it fit tightly. I then poured a little UV-cured clear resin into the openings and hit it with the UV light until it solidified. When I pulled it out of the mold, it had nice clear lenses that fit perfectly; I painted them white on the backsides and scraped horizontal lines through the paint to give it the factory look:


Argh - crummy photo but you get the idea.

More importantly, note this trick also works well for grilles with molded-in headlights. It's a bit more work but, again, the lenses will fit perfectly - just add reflectors.

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