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Freightliner FLB 1/25 AMT conversion

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thank you for the nice comments gentlemen!


In the meantime i made some progress on this one.

I made the bumper all over again, because i was not really satisfied with the first one.

The holes in the bumper were not correct, and that means that i had to cut and glue again.....yeah guys..... always keep min mind that it is just plastic.:lol:


Then it was time to make the under grill, this was a pretty fragile job, but at the end it gives this FLB  the looks it needed .

The grill itself are build from 1 mm strips.


And loosely placed on the cab for the looks.



Now I only have to sand the putty on the bumper and smoothen everything so that the bumper can be painted.

Again I use 2 colors, the silver band at the light section and the rest of the bumper in the Motip black bumper spray, just like i did with the FLA.

Then a last picture with the fenders in the grey primer.


The white plastic is slowly becoming less and the gray color is getting more.
The cabin color has already been chosen, but that is still a surprise.

That's all for today and see you next round!



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Thank you Marc!


The building of the cab and bumper are done now, and i sprayed the whole thing into a grey primer.

I also tested the hinges of the cab, to see if the cab tilt without touching the bumper, and it did.

But first we look at some small details like the fifth wheel with the bolt....... and the nuts I still have to make them.


Then the stack, which is now at the right length and loosely attached to the turbo.



And the cab tilted.....


The bumper is glued with wood glue so that it is attached to the chassis but can be removed easily without any damages.

For the tires i used the tires of the AMT Kenworth Papa Truck and the new 5 hole rims all around.

These tires are a little bit bigger than the tires in this kit, and I think they are a good fit for this Freightliner.

And now some pictures of the progress so far.






I will probably make the grill again, I am not completely satisfied with it yet.:mellow:

That's it for today guys and see you next round!



Edited by Hermann Kersten
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Thank you for the nice comments guys!


Today some progress at the modification of the Cummins engine.

First i searched for some pictures, and i found a few of this engine with a COE setting, most of the pictures are conventional trucks.

The most important was the shape of the air supply from the radiator to the air filter and turbo.


Then the first steps for the air filter and the connection to the turbo.

For the pipe to the filter, i used a 4mm aluminum tube, and connect it to an adapter what is made out of a piece of a kit sprue.


The radiator itself i modified it also with the extra inter-cooler unit.


Then the first piping from the radiator to the turbo, and as you all can see, i cut out the cylinder heads of the original kit engine, and made the typical straight angled cylinder heads of this type of engine.


The other side i modified the intake area and later i will make the elbow connection and attach it on tthe modified intake manifold.



And in this way I try to make the engine more realistic and credible.

That's it for today and see you next round!



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Thank you Vince!


And we continue with the engine, this time I put my energy in making the pipes for the airsupply.

These pipes are connected with some small flexible parts, and to make them as good as possible, i used a belt holes pliers, what is a wanted and needed tool for this kind of work, at least......for me then.:lol:

First i cut out the two sizes for these flexible parts.....


And glue them on a spreu part, which is a bit wider then the 3,2mm air supply tube.


Then i made the elbow connection to the intake manifold and form and glued the rest of the air pipes.

I didn't connect them to the radiator, because this is the last step after the paint job of engine and chassis.





At the front of the engine, I cut the engine pulleys from the belts  because 1 pulley has to be placed a little bit higher on the front of the engine.


On a later term i will make some new belts with a polystyrene strip.

Then the other side of the engine.....



And finally, see if the cabin doesn't touch anything ......



And nothing is touched. :)

Well guys, that's it for today and see you later!



Edited by Hermann Kersten
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Hello everyone,


The modification of the engine comes slowly to an end.

First i made the electronic module at the left side of the engine, and add some piping.


First i put a lot of time to make the air channel from the radiator to the turbo.

This air channel is made out different sections and for the sizes, i estimated it from 2 reference pictures.

At the reference pictures it was a Cat in line engine, but i noticed that the air supply on a Cummins, Cat or Detroit in line, is exactly the same.

Yeah guys, i learned a lot with observing these pictures.:)

First I started to build from the air filter, and made a turn to the right.

Halfway i made the section what goes up, and from the upper i made another part, the off set pair collector,   what is connected on the top of the radiator and the air cleaner.

For an exact fitting I glued the radiator with wood glue on the chassis, and in this way I don't have to worry that the radiator will move, while measuring and building.;)



The rubber elbow on the turbo i had to cut in half, because on the pictures i saw there was an aluminum elbow on the top of this rubber.

And a fit on the engine.





And painted the  whole air supply in a semi gloss black color.




Now i only have to make some small detail parts on this engine, and then I'm ready to paint the whole engine gloss black and the top of the cylinder heads in a red color.

That's it for today  and see you next round!




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On 3/18/2020 at 5:56 PM, 72 Charger said:

Wow such neat scratch building Hermann. This is going to look killer when its painted

Thank you Dave!


15 hours ago, PettyKW43 said:

This is a lesson in scratch building ! I have learned a lot already, what does the tool you use for making rivits look like ? 

Well Richard, here it is.....


And I ordered it here: RP TOOLZ

It is a good quality tool, which I really enjoy, and makes a lot of things easier.

They have also the hexagonal Punch & Die set, which i also used and use many times.;)



Edited by Hermann Kersten
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1 hour ago, Hermann Kersten said:

Thank you Dave!


Well Richard, here it is.....


And I ordered it here: RP TOOLZ

It is a good quality tool, which I really enjoy, and makes a lot of things easier.

They have also the hexagonal Punch & Die set, what i also used and use a of of times.;)



Thank you very much! Will be purchasing this one for sure!

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On 3/20/2020 at 7:26 PM, PettyKW43 said:

Thank you very much! Will be purchasing this one for sure!

Your welcome Richard.?

Yes guys, today i show you the completion of the Cummins N14, at least that is what this engine should look like.;)

A lot of small detail work and after all these cut, drill and glue job, I painted the whole engine in the gloss black color.

After the black paint job i painted the cylinder heads in a red color, just like the reference pictures, and at the very end I attached the small parts like the supports for the air intake channel.

The disadvantage of black lacquer is that a lot of details disappear a bit,  but it should not spoil the realism and fun.:lol:


The metal straps around the blue rubbers are CTM hose clamps, for this work i like this more instead the BMF.

The BMF I used for the wider clamps and straps.




On the picture below I show you that i made the metal support for the air intake, I made this from a small sheet of tin and cut and bend it in the right shape.


The battery box has also been adjusted in height, because it was still too high compared to the previous battery box.


And put the new engine between the chassis for the looks....





With the completion of this engine, this Freightliner really starts to go to an end.
The major conversion work is now almost finished, only some small extra things on the chassis and small parts for the cabin like handle bars and sunvisor.

I only doubt whether I will make the plastic side panels of the chassis, or whether I will keep the chassis open. :unsure:

Ok gentlemen, that's it for today and see you next round!



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Dave and Brian, Thank you for your nice comments guys!


Today a small update of a few changes, because i was not really satisfied about a few things.

First of all, I renewed the exhaust pipe what is going from the turbo to the stack.

In the picture below you can see the difference between this exhaust pipe.


Then I dry-fit the pipe with the stack, and if you look good, you can see that i modified the rear of the front leave spring.

The front side i keep it that way, because I'm afraid to do more harm then good in this situation.



Now I can make the exhaust pipe a little bit burned and rusty.

That's it for today and see you next round.




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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello everyone,


Today it's time to show some colors.

After a little coincidence, I found out that hen you spray the clear coat on the primer, and then the metallic on the clear coat, the metallic color has a more shiny result then with other way around.:huh:

So, with this knowledge i did. the same thing with the FLA Raised Roof cab.


And the result after i sprayed the Motip copper color for this FLB.





The clear coat for the finishing has not done yet, i always wait at least 24 hours before i  continue with the clear coat.

In the meantime I ordered several decal sheets from Jerry, including the striping for this cab.

Before striping I tested the following colors in the drawing program on the PC, which resulted in these colors.


The striping itself is like the one in the picture below.


When these decal sheets are arrived, i will see if i will use the whole striping or just partial, both are possible.

Then the result so far.





Yes folks, with this FLB I'm in the final stage now.:)

See you next round!


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Hello everyone,


At the moment it is really good weather with great temperatures for some paint jobs.

Today i finished the clear coat on this FLB cab and put the cab next to the FLA to compare the color tone.




Now with the clear-coat, the brown metallic color gives a bit more depth and of course the shine.

Next job is the paint job of the chassis.

See you next round!



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