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Freightliner FLB 1/25 AMT conversion

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Hello everyone,


Today a small update of small details.

We start with the construction of the mudflaps.

After a lot of searching and looking at pictures, I saw that many different mud flaps are or were used, or even not at all, with this FLB.
It was a bit of a choice and I finally chose this kind of mudflaps.

They are the so-called, self made "Dummy Proof Mudflaps" .
What do I mean by this.... well .. the mud flaps themselves are not glued, but simply slid onto the loose holders.
In the event of accidental bumping or tapping, these mud flaps will not break off, but simply move with them, so that you can always push them back into the correct position.
We are all familiar with this kind of si"mishaps", and I have already had it happen to my self.

To start, I cut 2 mud flaps out of a sheet of styrene from 0,30mm thickness, and made the separate loops from 0.25mm x 1mm polystyrene strips.




Then made from square tubes 2 supports and glued them on the chassis, then the square mud flap holders, which are cut to size, bent into shape and sprayed in the gray paint, are placed in these square hollow supports ... not glued, but just placed loosely.




From the Freightliner CTM set, the weights and Freighliner emblems are glued at the bottom of the mud flaps and with a test I show you all how this all works.
The mud flaps can move forwards and backwards, and can even be completely removed from the mudflap holders.





The mud flap holders can therefore also simply be removed.
Then the the steps which are detailed with perforated plate and place the Freightliner decals on the side of the cabin.
The front wheel arch rubbers are now also painted black.




And a  few license plates from Jerry .




And now the final touches to this Freightliner such as, mirrors, horns, wipers, sun visor, some decals and striping and some other small stuff what I have forgotten right now to mention.
This was it for today and see you next round!





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Hello everyone,


So...I started with the small and time consuming details to get the FLB done.

First I changed the air horns of the FLD kit somewhat so that they would be a better fit in this 1/25 scale.
Again the rectangular, like the FLA, because I find this a nicer fit to this FLB than the round ones.
Edit everything with the well-known chrome marker and let it dry for a second layer.




Also the steps that will be placed on the sides of the cabin.
The boxed areas in which these steps are will be glued are already attached to the cabin.




Then the intensive job of the sun visor.
Now that I was working on this sun visor, I  made a 2nd one at the same time and sprayed both sunvisors in the correct color and attached it to the FLA and FLB cabin.







Then I scratched  the steps of the fuel tanks, in this case I chose a version chosen that will be almost have the full length of the fuel tanks.
With the reference photos, styren, and glue at the ready, these steps are the result.








Well guys, I only have to make the mirrors, a pair of wipers, an antenna and some finishing touches here and there.

That's it for today and see you next round!



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Thank you guys!


Well gentlemen, I'm in the final stage of this project.

I finished the steps of the cab, and attached them to the cab.

Now all i have to do is make the mirrors and wipers.
Before these can be mounted, I first wait for the 2nd set of decals from Jerry, these are already shipped, and if these cab decals do fit and are on the cab, then I can finish these last things.

For now, just a few pictures of the progress of this conversion.

For the steps I used a polystyrene  U-beam of 4mm and sand the corners thinner, just like the real one, and finish the frame with some rivets.

Then bend it with hot water and glue the first step , which is rounded at the edges, with a squeezer and from here the other steps.




After the paint job attach them on the cab with this as the result......





Then attach the air horns, which have been edited with the chrome marker, and stick the side fenders on the cabin with a piece of tape for the overall picture.
These side fenders are only placed definitively when the decals and mirrors are mounted.









So, now just finish the last parts and the cab decals!

See you later!



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               I really like your home made mud flaps. I'll have to try that method . And I really like the cab steps .They are awesome .Nice work !


   Be Well


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Thank you Brian and Marc!


And yes Marc, since I saw this kind of mud flaps on the reference pictures, this created this possibility.;)

Today the last update of this project.
It mainly concerns small matters that have to complete this FLB.
I first to made the  wipers and placed on the cab and glued the wipers it self  on the windshield with the transperant glue "clear weld",  awesome glue, I should have had this much earlier.




Then the trailer cables that will be attached to a connector on the back of the cabin.
This connector has yet to be made.




Then make the small supports that are glued to the tank straps and at the underside of the steps.





Meanwhile I also received the nice decals from Jerry, including a sheet of data decals for the frame.
Then a sheet with filter and engine decals, with decals for the Cat, the Detroit Diesel and the Cummins.
And of course a sheet of license plates together with fuel permits and tax stickers.

Here just a few decals on the frame and motor ....





And finally, the making of the mirrors.
This time the co-driver mirror gets a round blind spot mirror.
I took this mirror from the FLD kit, cut off the mirror itself and glued it on a new self made frame.





Then removed a piece of lamp glass from a transperant set, sanded it smoothly and then glued it on this mirror for a nice round spherical mirror.




Then make the mirrors themselves adjustable by means of extra brackets and a pin / hole connection of brass.

Now not only can the mirror brackets be folded in again as with the FLA, but also the mirrors themselves can be adjusted.





Ok guys, this was the last update of this project, the next pictures  will be the final pictures.

See you then.







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Thank you JT!


Yeah guys, after a long absence, i continued with this FLB, there are still small things to be done before we can make the final pictures.

In the main time I worked on the decals and the mirrors.

The brackets for the mirrors are attached and now I only have to attach the mirrors which can be adjusted and the frames can be totally flipped to the cab.

The handle bars are now also partly present, and I only need to make 2 hand bars at the rear fenders, and 2 small ones above the storage compartment on each side of the cab.

But first things first....after a lot of decal work and some little striping, the cab starts to get a different look.









Yeah guys, now I have to bring this one to the finish line!



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Thank you guys, for your comments and compliments!

Yeah, just the last few time consuming things, and then it will be shown in the galery.

I'm waiting for the 2nd set of IFTA permits from Jerry, the sheet I have only had single decals, not double ones, so I ordered this set again.;)



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