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On 10/18/2019 at 10:35 PM, niteowl7710 said:

Ed Sexton told me to my face back in April at NNL East the '29 was coming back in early 2020. That's about as official as an announcement as you're going to get about those kits. I mean at this point only Round2 is (mostly vaguely) doing a monthly release sheet anymore. Revell, Moebius and Salvinos are just running on a - When we get it in, we ship it model. The new ownership in Germany felt it was more important to release some of the new and/or highly modified tooling they had just bought (Ford GT LM, '68 Chevelle, Sprint Car, '69 Mustang) than reissuing the Model As.

More broadly keep in mind when you're paying a 3rd Party to manufacture your product, you're basically buying xzy number of hours of production floor time, months in advance.  You can't just plug something in to be run, without pulling something back out in exchange. So do you pull say the new tool Chevelle out to put the '29 with swapped engine/wheels in, when you consider it didn't sell as well - compared to the '30? I'm guessing they sold more Chevelles than they will of these reissued '29s, if for no other reason than the '29s were lingering around well after the tooling was kerfuffled.

Thanks James.

At least we know that one of them is coming back. Altho if I had to chose, I would have picked the '30 Coupe. 

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