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Any casters interested in a 63 Rambler American 2 dr. station wagon?

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The master is done, many of the molds have been made by a well respected caster. The body mold still needs to be done and possibly the chassis and int tub I will have to check. I know the molds are done for the headlights, taillights, hubcaps, bumpers, engine and hood. It's a high parts count kit. body, chassis int tub, dash, st wheel, hood, six cyl. engine, h/l, tl/, h/c and maybe something I have forgotten. Have lost interest in it but would like to see someone finish it up. I would like four complete copies in return for the whole works. It was based from a johan kit, the were a bit larger than 1/25th scale, possibly 1/24th or 1/23rd. I can provide photographs of everything to an interested party. Thanks. Paul

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Wow Paul! I can't remember the last time I've seen one of those on the road! Those were once a staple of working class families and in fact, I believe when my Mom was learning to drive at the local driving school (circa 1967) that's what they had.  That odd slanted B pillar sticks out in my mind.

That would be one cool model to detail out! B)

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