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Jouef Ferrari GTO64


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Finally after chasing this model for a very long time I found one in Bulgaria of all places for the same price as most resin cast kits cost these days.  I am very pleased with it and it will gain some numbers and perhaps other details for a 1964 Le Mans replica.  This will be a great stable mate with the Jouef P4 spyder.  Jouef also did this diecast in 1/43 and 1/18 which are much easier to find it seems.

I do have two reservations so far.  The side windows appear to be too small and will have to be fixed and the trumpets on the Webers need to be enlarged.


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Nice score!  I have the Jouef 1/18 GT40 from many years ago.   I did have to install some side windows and replaced the trumpets on it with aluminum tube.   Good luck getting it all detailed out - should be even nicer then.

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On 4/16/2019 at 2:38 PM, Gramps46 said:

Thanks Randy.  Here you can see the comparison with the K&B slot body on a Protar GTO chassis I built and how the side window just isn't correct on the Jouef.


Very nice Gary - these two models don't have much in common - each has some strong and some weak points (I have the resin transkit from Umi, I think - must be from the early 90's - looks like a re-pop of your K & B body).

The Jouef GTO I snapped for € 13,00 (= about 15 $) in 2014 in its original package, only 1 wiper was missing - talk about a steaI ! I modified it a little bit for the 12 h Reims 1964:



With some other red hot Italians:


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I did finish off the Jouef GTO64 in the Le Mans markings.  The major change I made was to paint the side window frames in flat black and am much more satisfied with the look.

Great looking collection of red hot Italians there Helmut.



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Excellent idea, Gary - this will do the trick! Painting the window frames flat black gives the impression of a larger window opening - I will do the same with mine!

(the red hot Italians are cheap die-casts from Jouef, Danbury mint, Politoys and the QR Alfa Romeo collection - all slightly modified.)

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