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My dream car circa 1964 - AMT '57 Chevy Bel Air


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I noticed that no one has posted here for a while ,so I thought I would share a memory and post some digital artwork.  Let's go back to about 1964 . AMT had released the first (and maybe the best) version of the '57 Bel Air.

I was 12 years old ,and I knew how I wanted to build this. Unfortunately , I had budget restrictions - A 25cents a week - Yes, a shiny new quarter - allowance didn't go far, even then.   Anyway,I shaved off the side trim,filled in the hood 'scoops' and removed the hood and deck emblems. Did I mention I was on a budget?  My brother was working on a Pontiac at the time,and he painted the Chevy for me. Pontiac engine light metallic blue. Yes,engine paint.. A nice ,flat,grainy engine paint. Oh well.  I had a set of Ala Kart wheels ,and skinny whitewalls to put on it,so that helped a little. The 409 ,with the supercharger was installed. I loved the chrome suspension on this. The interior had the seat inserts painted dark blue with my little,shaking hands,plus the little alligator on the rear package shelf. Oh,and I used the Buick grille. Such was my masterpiece. I don't remember what happened to it,but it must have gotten thrown out at some time. That's the way of youth.  Fast forward to present day , well,a few years ago,and I created this using PSP7. This was the image that was in my childish brain. What I wanted it to look like. Except for the side trim - I don't know what I was thinking then. Live and learn,I guess.  I hope you like it.


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Why not build another one now? And you could start with either the "new" AMT kit or the Revell snapper, both of which have better bodies than the original AMT. I think I have the Buick grille from the AMT kit if you need that. 

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