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'48 Ford Convertible Club Coupe.


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Hello guys, long time no see. 

I'm battling depression, after some serious house problems, and being persecuted by the government, what caused me to loose almost all my income. 

Have being building models and fixing old cars for a living. 

This one is a commission build. The client choose the color of the body (Monsoon Maroon), and interior. Box stock build. 

Sorry about the cell phone pictures. 

Hope you guys like it. 


Samsung Galaxy '48 Ford '31 Ford 2053.jpg

Samsung Galaxy '48 Ford '31 Ford 2054.jpg

Samsung Galaxy '48 Ford '31 Ford 2055.jpg

Samsung Galaxy '48 Ford '31 Ford 2056.jpg

Samsung Galaxy '48 Ford '31 Ford 2057.jpg

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Another fantastic looking build. You always make every part look so realistic. I built one of the '48 coupes with almost the same color. Having owned two different '46 thru '48 Fords a loooong time ago they hold a special place for me. I'm sorry to hear of your personal problems. I hope that something can be done with what ever brought this on. 

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