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'71 Plymouth Satellite - restoration WIP images added!

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Hi folks,

I did another restoration... 

This is the 1/24 scale Monogram kit. Bought it some time ago from a modelling mate and it looked like this:


The hardest part was getting rid of the white stripe decals that had practically "eaten" into the plastic, even after stripping the paint. I may show some WIP photos of that later on.

The paint I used is Testors Plum Crazy to replicate the In Violet Plymouth purple. The first time in decades that I used enamel on a car body and I was quite annoyed by the 72 hours plus dry time so for the next step I used a food dehydrator which helped to save a lot of time and patience. I also did my very first tyre lettering on this kit. By the way, no clear coat on this one, just elbow grease... :rolleyes:






























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Nice..  I like the color.  Great job on the tire lettering. 

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I like how you rebuilt this kit, and the paint finish and color look perfect. 

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Brilliant!!  Love the color and your elbow grease really paid off.

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Wow!!That thing looks nice, excellent work!!

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Is this one of those "Real, or Model" quizzes?? LOL

This is a great save! Beautifully done!

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Great resto! I love the MOPAR badge on the trunk lid. Where did you come about that? Or was it molded onto the kit like that originally?

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First, thanks to you ALL for your kind words! I'm happy you like my result.

On 10.5.2019 at 1:21 PM, Kit Basher said:

Awesome job! The paint looks great. How did you do the tire lettering? It looks perfect.

Thanks Hugh! Yes, I gave this quite a bit of thought and got me some white gel pens as I thought this would be the best bet but even the one with the finest tip didn't work out for me. So I tried it old-school, white paint and brush... And it worked. :rolleyes: I used a 5/0 brush and Tamiya XF-2 flat white. Apart from a steady hand and a strong enough magnifying glass I think the most important thing is to keep the paint thinned to the right degree and clean the brush constantly because the paint will dry on it quickly and won't allow for precise painting.

On 11.5.2019 at 1:27 PM, Classicgas said:

Well done. Where are the exhaust tips from?

Thanks, Lee! Those are regular wire end ferrules.

On 12.5.2019 at 1:05 AM, BeakDoc said:

Great resto! I love the MOPAR badge on the trunk lid. Where did you come about that? Or was it molded onto the kit like that originally?

Thanks to you too Chris! That is a decal I've taken from a sheet sold by ScaleProduction. It has a lot more Mopar decals on it, plus some Mustang decals and some other US car stuff: https://www.scaleproduction.de/product_info.php?info=p2157_decals-street-racing-musclecars.html


As I mentioned, stripping the old decals wasn't easy at all. So I took some photos of my efforts on these. Maybe this is interesting to see for those who like the model. So I'll just post them here:

The paint was stripped using my usual chemicals, but the stripes on the roof and on the hood couldn't be removed by that:



They were so resilient that I even used a special scalpel blade:



But in the end all that helped was heavy and coarse sanding them down:



After that the body looked okay and I proceeded with the primer coat:




The primer coat was nice but to my surprise the "ghost stripe" on the roof was still visible:



So again, SANDING, the hard way:





Applying primer in such a way as to have an even coverage on the roof wasn't easy, but it worked out in the end:



I then could proceed with the first coat of Plum Crazy:



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Excellent job, you really put some work into this.

I would have be totally demoralised having to sand down and scrape paint and decals. 

I recently attempted to strip a horrible paint job from a part-built Revell-Monogram 69 Shelby Mustang GT500, but still had some sanding to do. (* To be fair I got this kit free with another GT500 kit from the seller, as the tail light parts were missing)

Seems having assembled the motor halves, someone then sprayed the body black, but possibly disappointed by the satin finish (?) then brushed/slopped on some thick, and gloopy, gloss black enamel.

This apparently was not fully dried when the kit was shelved, and when I received the kit part of the instruction sheet was firmly stuck to the roof, this was the part that resisted paint stripper.

Nerve wracking or what !

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