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1967 Shelby GT350


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Caught up at work so, I pulled this out to get ready for some paint. Man, I think Round 2 should do alittle work on there molds or something. The fit of the nose is not good. The rear body panel was to wide for the body. The deck lid spoiler doesn't align with the spoiler ends on the quarter panels. The fit of the nose and tail panels leave alot to be desired. Have spent about 4 hours on this already in trying to get the nose and tail to work.





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Got my first coat of primer sprayed. Got alittle work yet. I've lost my panel separation lines but I dont think I'm gonna worry to much about them




I've got the deck lid fitting better, I just glued it shut and worked on it.



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I hear ya I bought the same one ,along with the 66 nova, and the 57 chevy from round 2,never again dealing with round 2,the 66 nova rear was too wide the rear tires wouldn't even fit under body, the seats were to big wouldn't fit in the interior bucket,plus the body seemed very soft when I put a very light coat of primmer on it ,it crazed like crazy,and the 57,the chrome head light buckets WERE not fitting in the hole of the body they were either to big or the cut out for the light was way too small,tryed to trim down the light but it needed to much trimming ended up going throught the light housing a little,so I just ened up glueing them on and blended it into the body ,so instead of building it stock now im going to have to go with some kind of custom job ,which is really way out of my comfort zone cause I never modified bodies before even if it just slapping some bondo on :unsure: and the bumpers,,my god ,the mold lines were so bad just stripped those and again probably paint to match car....So just giving ya heads up if you got those also 

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5 hours ago, jjsipes said:

Since I was foiling my 57 Bel Air, I thought I might as well do my Shelby.



Looking good Jason.  There is a MAMA meeting on Saturday in Greenbelt.  Bring some of your builds.

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