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Lola T-70 Mk III


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I connected the throttle cable (more stainless…) to the bell crank and made the primary return spring.  I made an eyelet for the spring to attach to the bell crank from stainless too.


Next I installed that subassembly to the manifold, along with the two right side main carb bodies, and added the linkage for the right bank.  I also installed the ¼ inch synchronizing adjuster screws to the inboard side of the linkages and added a few other machined details to the carbs.


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The left bank of carbs has been installed and the linkages made and hooked up.  Connecting them to the bell crank wasn't too hard, but getting the tiny keepers on the carb ends of them was a challenge.

I also added the fitting for the vacuum advance line.


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After almost 38 months of working on this project, the body is finally getting painted.  This is the base coat.  It's a color I had custom mixed in DuPont ChromaSystem called Violent Blue.  As many of you know, without the clear the color is very muted and appears darker.



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As much as I was leaning towards red for this, after seeing the full body in color I went with black vinyl and micro-fiber suede for the seat cushions. 


I did the first cut of the paint up to 12000 grit on the front end.   Now it needs to cure again before I go for the second round.  This hot weather working in my favor at the moment.


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Time to start assembling the engine permanently.  The heads, oil pan and oil filter went on first.  The oil pan received a little residual dirt weathering on the bottom and a little grime was added to the gasket areas.  The starter, bellhousing and fly wheel were next.  The fuel pump block off plate was installed too.




The tub has been painted too.



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This is one of the front shocks.  Both ends get rubber eyelet bushings.



I put off making the stabilizer links when I was making the other suspension parts, but now I need to make them before proceeding on this section.  Here are the kit provided parts next to my scratch-built ones.  They are made of steel, brass, aluminum and resin.



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The front suspension is assembled and it works.  99% of the hardware is installed too; I'll add the fittings to the upper ball joints later.


I was going to use the rubber-like bellows for the tie rods, but one split when I installed it.  So I machined a new pair of them.


I installed the floor mats and added the little metal anchors to keep them in place.


The Jabroc strips have been installed to the tub too.


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