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Lola T-70 Mk III


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1 hour ago, Scale-Master said:

Now that the lower lights and the "grille" are installed, the rest of the underhood wiring could be done.


The underside of scale bonnets has always been - the devil’s playground - this is really really good stuff …

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Ha, I finally worked it out, this isn't a scale model at all, it's a full size car that your'e restoring and passing it off as a model, that's the only explanation I can come up with for the other worldly craftsmanship and the absolutely insane attention to detail, this build has been an honour to follow along, you truly are the, "Scale-Master", very well done sir, I continue to follow with humble admiration. From the left coast of the big island down under.

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Thanks guys, I really do appreciate the kind words.



Time to install the main electrical wiring and a bunch of scratch-built subassemblies.  I had already made the wires with ends and the brass guide clips.  I installed the fuel pump, regulator & filters and ran the oil lines to the engine.  The battery & hold down and the dipstick were installed too.  I also added a half dozen more suspension parts/fasteners and the exhaust.  This is still dry assembled and not everything is connected, just making sure all the lines are the correct length and that there are no interference issues.  It's getting packed pretty tightly…






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Today's project was to make and install the rear brake lines.  These are brackets for the hard lines out to the soft lines.  Fabricated from sheet brass.


I made the Tee and the clamp and bent the lines today, but I had machined the fittings when I was making the front brake lines.


I had to tear down the right rear suspension and pull the right side header off to install the lines.  Sure made installing the lines a lot easier…  The soft lines are vinyl tubing.


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Mark, you are definitely setting a high-bar with this build. The only thing missing is the smell of racing fuel and exhaust! BTW, I was thinking of your build yesterday when I was at the Las Vegas Concours D'Elegance. I had never seen a T-70 in the flesh before. Here's a couple of pictures and a link to the other cars that were there.




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Several people have pointed out the risks of using the kit supplied air duct hose as it has a propensity for melting plastic over time.  While I was already aware of this issue, (the ones in this kit melted some of the parts well before I started building it), and have been lucky in the past, I decided I have too much invested to take that risk even with the precautions taken on this car.  I also was not keen on the color of them.  So I pulled them off and fabricated new ones from wire and white glue.


I wound the wire around the proper sized bolt for the diameter I wanted.

After the glue dried I made connectors with shrink tubing.


I painted them with orange R/C car (Lexan) paint and gave them a wash of Tamiya Smoke with Flat Base mixed in to it.


Plenty of flex to route them where they need to go and a direct retrofit to boot.


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