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1950 Chevrolet Pickup - Maggie McGill

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Finished this one a couple weeks ago. 50 Chevy AMT I modified the on Foose truck frame to fit under.  Engine is from 65 impala, as well as front seats, custom center console from 2010 Camaro. I hope you all like it. 














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Very cool!  A model after my own heart!  

I love builds using that Foose chassis!  I have built the original kit and have since sliced and diced the chassis to fit under a Datsun pickup.  I keep cruising Hobby Lobby to see if they've gotten any more!  

What modifications did you have to do to get the Foose chassis under the 1950 Chevy?

Oh, and you didn't tell us why you named her Maggie McGill...  no doubt from the Doors song.

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your right after the doors song off the Morrison Hotel album.  She lived on hill her daddy died, left her no will...

to modify the foose frame to fit the 50 Chevy it requires a lot of work.  Here is a list- 

I had to move rear axle to center the rear wheel well, modify the mounting points of rear control arms, make running board mounts, graft rear and front bumper brackets, made cab mounts, made bed mounts. I kept track of my time.  I don’t know why I did keep track I have never done that before but, I had 9 hours on the frame conversion.  I had 63 hours on the whole build. I had to do a couple things twice on the frame to get it aligned correctly. It was worth it but I did the same frame with nascar suspension and it was a much simpler process. 

Hope this helps. If you go to my page on Facebook at dentside model car garage. I have shared a video post from another building explaining the steps to convert the foose frame to the 50 FORD F1 pickup.  It looks easier.

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Great Subject - Great Build. Nice work Gerald ! Your patina work is awesome...especially on the rear fenders.

I was doing some preliminary noodling with using the Foose Ford chassis to put under my '50 Chevy P/U last week. I wanna get it in the weeds and this seems to be the best way to do it. I did see that I would have to move the rear axle back about an 1/8" or so. Thanks for sharing what you encountered with your chassis swap.

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