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1961 Ford HDT-950 aka Two Story Falcon (converted AMT cab)

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Thanks for the response, sorry for my late reply due to a sometimes boring vacation without modeling!


On 24.6.2019 at 2:31 AM, 72 Charger said:

Fantastic work Jurgen. What chassis did you use ? I plan on doing one of these rigs one day

I used the chassis of AMT's Chevy Titan/GMC Astro. Some modification were necessary but less than compared to the other AMT kits in my stash.


On 27.6.2019 at 12:43 PM, oldnslow said:

Please , grace us with a tutorial on the build if possible . Beautiful truck .

I am sorry, usually I don't have any WIP pictures. While building I find taking pictures or making notes very disruptive. For the same reason I stopped writing magazine articles long ago.



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Thanks for the replies, thanks for the pictures!


I agree, this is a fantasic model. Sad that there are no better pictures, and even sadder that there are almost no Japanese modelers in western forums since many of them do outstanding work.

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Thanks for the recent comments!


As mentioned I don't have any work in progress pictures but I have one work in regress picture, so to speak.

When my red paintwork on the upper cab had dried I spotted some tiny sunken spots on a filled area on top of the sleeper. I thought it would be best to strip the fresh red paintwork completely.

For some years methoxypropanol is my favourite paint stripper so I used it here, too.

Not a good decision!

For some unknown reason this time the plastic was attacked almost immediately.



Since I had used various sorts of plastic and lots of micro balloons and super glue there was possibly any unforeseen chemical reaction.

Anyway my upper cab was irretrievably lost. After my hands had stopped trembling I started again.

Always look on the bright side of life ...♪.♪.♪

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