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1/10th scale 3d printed hot rod


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So, I lurk here... a lot.  :) 

I've been busy creating CAD files over the past year to create this 1/10th scale lakes modified roadster.  You might ask why 1/10th scale...well, the math to scale is really easy.  Take a 1:1 measurement and divide by 10...WAY easier than figuring 1/8 scale...LOL.  Anyway, I know to finish the parts would take a ton of sanding, but the idea is just to create an "art" style piece, embracing the bobbles resulting from printing.  Think pixel art... the dots make the overall picture.   I've had fun creating it so far... I'm working on the suspension parts now and a "full race" 4 banger is in the works.  I welcome feedback!  And if PLA in a STYRENE forum is wrong, let me know.  Whatcha think???







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Looks great! The resolution lines in the body are a little heavy, but nothing that sanding and some scratch filling primer can't fix. I keep saying the the sky's the limit when it comes to 3D printing. You can make practically anything you want! No wishing/hoping for one of the model makers to make something for you. ;)

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It's been a busy year with a job change and other stuff.  But like most of my projects I get side tracked and sometimes end up down another rabbit hole!

I spent some time (way too much!)  designing up a '30/31 closed cab and finally got a chance to print one up.  I'm thinkin' it needs an abbreviated bed to match... maybe some whitewalls....and a Nailhead Buick V8 with a bunch of Stromberg carbs.   (This could be why I never finish anything!)

closed cab.jpg

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