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Rust Box of Doom Chevy Wagon '57 Drag Week 2018

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Two australian racers took part to the Drag Week event in US 2017 and 2018 driving a 1957 Chevy Wagon. First year it was powered by a twin turbo LS V8. The second year the engine was a all billet Hemi with a screw type blower, adopted from a Top Alcohol Funny Car. Mechanically it was a real dragster equipped with a tube frame and so on. It ran 1/4 mile in 6.984 seconds and 207.3 mph. 

And yet it was driveable in the street hundreds of miles with regular pump gas, because of some genious inventions. 

This model was fun to build, with no intentions to make exact copy of the real wagon, but to get the waco feeling into it. Have a look of the real Wagon too, lots of videos in Youtube of it. Oh man that Wagon is mental! 







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Fantastic build. Love it!!

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You certainly got the feel of the real wagon. Very cool!

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Excellent job.Love when the cars are made to look like rust buckets.Ive built a few.Actually I’m working on a 55 Ford Pro mod, and I sort of just finished a 66 Nova...Nice an rusty and some small dents.






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