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Australian Ford Falcon Hardtops 1972 - 1979

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Very nice pics indeed; an XB-GT is high on my post-lottery 'wish list' for sure. My friend Mark has 2 XB's here in NY, which makes it very tempting to sell off all my other car stuff and buy an Aussie muscle car.

Here's Mark's stock '73 GT, which had a full feature in The Oz 'Street Machine' magazine when he got it:


And here's his MM replica, which was the first in the world with a functional blower and Scott FI setup:


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This XB Hardtop belongs to actor Eric Bana. It's been built to compete in tarmac rallies here in Aus. He's actually owned the car for well over 10 years, before he was a big Hollywood star ;)


And here it is after the 2007 Targa Tasmania:


Any word on whether the car has been saved or not? I hope so.

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I'm not a big Ford guy, Mustangs, Torinos, Mavs , Fairlanes they're nice but they don't trip my trigger.

Those Aussie Falcons? That's a different story. In my opinion they are the coolest muscle car to roll out of an FoMoCo factory anywhere in the word at any time. Hands down.

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Eric Bana still has his red XB Hardtop but is currently too busy with acting commitments to sought out a repair plan. Hopefully the car is salvagable although it did take quite a big hit. I'm not sure when it comes out in the US (if at all) but his new movie about the car itself called Love The Beast comes out here next week.

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