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Mobile Raincoat

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I spotted a picture of a funny little car located in DAF Museum in Holland (Netherlands). Next I scooped thru my scrap boxes and found the remainings of '39 Chevy (Monogramm) that had given many parts to my other models. 

I cut the roof in pieces, made the hood and the grill more narrow and so on. I found and made some parts to create the engine, dash, rear wheels etc. 

Painting the body was nearly the end of the project, so badly did the primer and spray top coat react to each other, but I scraped it all off and brush painted it with Revell 52 blue enamel. 

The original Mobile Raincoat vehicle was designed by Mr. Hub van Doorne for his private use, in case of rain, he could have driven straight inside his house with it. Did he use it is unsure. 

My model is my version of that kind of one person vehicle, not an exact copy of the original Mobile Raincoat. Just wanted to use those Chevy parts for something fun. 

The first pic shows how small this vehicle is, about 2,25 inches high and 3,5 inches long. 1,25 inches wide. 

Take a look and feel free to comment, thanks. 








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Great idea for leftover parts. Very ingenious. That reminds me of a car on an episode of Top Gear. Jeremy drove it into an elevator and up to an office. 



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now , that's different , in a good way .

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Now that is different. 

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