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Lamborghini Reventon....extra detail

Dann Tier

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On 6/28/2019 at 3:26 AM, lawes87 said:

very clean.. how did you get that look on the seats is that flock I cant even tell! 

Thanks, bud!.... you can look for my build WIP here, or an easier way would be to find it at my group; Scale Masterpiece, its its own "How-To" album.

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14 hours ago, Classicgas said:

Beautiful. Have one in the works myself, orange. What issues are with the kit?

Depends on how accurate it is....then there are MANY issues. If you are talking about issues with just building the car as it is, then i'd have to say that the only two issues i have is that 1) You will think the wheels are poseable, but Fujimi didnt leave enough room to do so......they "twitch" at best, and 2) some vents were molded open, but they left 9 vents molded shut!!

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20 hours ago, markx66 said:

Great detail 

The Kit is not easy to build but You made it 

hanks, Mark! it wasnt really that bad, the worst part was opening the vents on the front fenders without going too crazy with it. If anyone wants to build it box-stock, then its a way easy...fun build, but i have to have things more realistic, and Fujimi really disappointed me with all the things that were so obviously wrong, or done stupidly. For a curbside kit that cost me $95, they could have at the VERY least given separate peddles, molded the holes in the seats, as well as the center column handle.

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