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69 Camaro Pace car w.i.p


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What's up guys.. This is one I've been messing around with, I love the convt. kit but I always wished it had an uptop with the kit.. I have a friend on facebook who makes a resin one so I picked up a couple of them.. I sanded the body and scribed all the panel lines deeper with the back of a hobby knife blade and primed the body before painting..






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I've painted the body and interior, I used decals from Keith Marks and they are awesome... A little on the thin side though..lol.. I decided to remove the pinstripes from the 1/4 panels, I think it looks better without them, I've foiled the body and detailed the interior, and added seatbelts, I used a Motlow pen for the chrome trim..




here's where it is now.. foiling is done, about to start on the engine..



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Thanks for the comments guys.. I got some good time at the bench and I got the engine finished up and the engine bay is getting detailed. I'm in the home stretch.. still need to add the wipers, rear tail lights and add a few details before its done.. thanks for looking and comments welcome..






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