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1969 Plymouth A12 Roadrunner


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Had this done for a little while. Finally took a few pics along with the 63 Plymouth max wedge. 

As I was adding the decals, I noticed a chip in the paint on the trunk. Soooo I had to put a dab of paint on it, and tried to hide it the best I could. That’s why the trunk decal is not in the groove, but above it, to try and hide the chip. 

Thanks Ed Flunk for taking the time to make the templates from your JoHan body,  so my rear wheel wells look more correct. I really appreciate it. 










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Absolutely beautiful! I've wanted to build this exact model (same color and everything) for over 30 years, and SOMEDAY I will! (I"ll do it on a JoHan body, though.)

Where did you get the hood? I've seen several vendors have them. How did yours fit? 

Well done and model on! B)

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Thanks everyone. The hood, and the front bench seat are from Hart’s Parts. The rims and tires, and drag radials are Fireball. 

Actually the hood fit really nice. Just some minor clean up around the scoop openings, and that was about it. 

Sounds like a plan Snake. I always keep my eyes open for a decent price JoHan Kit. 

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Now THAT is a Six Barrel Road Runner ! That EK2 paint is perfect !

It is "interesting" that the 1969 1/2 "M" Code R.R. and Super Bee models could only be had with (yucky) 4-wheel drum brakes --- great for drag racing , but garbage on the street .

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