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DECO-DENT, LFA-Powered Auburn Speedster Hardtop


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Thank you all for the comments and compliments...much appreciated...put a coat of primer on it tonight to see how many fleas it had...pretty happy with the outcome...still, lots of filler and sanding in its future...starting to capture the spirit of the thing, though.





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Did you split the body down the middle and widen it? It looks like it to my old eyes anyway. Are you considering adding a "feature line" like a narrow half round from the side window lower edge to the tail? Might lessen the boat tail sedan delivery look a little?

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Bench time equals progress. Made new side panels for the engine bay...the openings will likely have some photo-etched mesh in them. Planning on incorporating the headlights into the radiator shroud and hood. Scribed in a door shape, too. Not seen in the photos is the roughed-in undercarriage.

MisterNNL, yes I did remove some of the interior supports to lengthen the windows. And, as the photos indicate, I do plan some sort of feature line or molding to mimic the original Speedster and to give some relief to the expansive boattail area. I did not, however, split the body and widen it.





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Thank you everyone for the compliments...much appreciated!

Got significant bench time over the long weekend. Managed to get the molding (or 'speed lines' as MisterNNL called them) attached and started on the firewall. Plan to use the side mirrors and headlights from the Alumacoupe kit. Have ordered AMG GT Battlefield Copper from Splash Paints and am considering changing the name of the project to 'Coppertail.'

Charlie8575...I haven't completely committed to the wheels depicted...I do keep eyeing the wheels from the Foose Eldorod as an alternative...we shall see!

Geemoney...too cool!

Paul Payne...I will be using the V10 from the Tamiya Lexus LFA kit (which is also donating its suspension, undercarriage, interior, and exhaust).




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Great project. I love the modern builds with retro theme and feel to them. I would also vote for keeping the wheels I think they are perfect match for the design of this thing. I would definitely love to see this finished and will be following. 

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