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AMT's Dodge Stealth Indy "official car" beater

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Lee Iacocca memorial community build: Dodge Stealth Indy official car.

I bought this kit for $8.10 when it was new, was on sale, thought that since the real thing was cancelled at the last minute, it would become a collector's item.  I didn't know AMT popped a billion of them, always see some at model swap meets, and on eBay some are selling for $8-9, so it didn't even keep up with inflation.  I already built a Viper.  I was glad the tires didn't melt on the windows.  My plan is to make it look neglected, and driven like a rally car, but stick with Box Stock.

Getting the nail 'polish' cost more than the freaking kit! :blink:  The plastic has a hint of pearl, some photos of the real car seems to have a hint of green (the actual Pace Car is hideous).

Started sub-assemblies tonight.  One error in the instructions is the half shaft part through the rear differential, one side is shorter, not indicated, of course I got it wrong, had to break off and switch.  Hardly any sink marks, putty on the muffler and mirrors was all, superglue and baking soda in the oil filter void.  Minor mold seam under the headlights, otherwise AMT did a very good job with this kit.  Did my usual scraping mold lines on everything, more than the usual amount of tubing because of the twin turbos.

Next step, wash all the parts, and start painting!  Funny thing, the Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar is also a 6 cylinder, twin turbo, AWD sports car.  But I ain't taking years to get this puppy done! :lol:

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:lol: I see people are really excited to see a Stealth. :P

I airbrushed everything today.  The kit doesn't have many parts, the interior has only 6 parts.  Since the paint isn't going to be Future worthy shiny, I fast-tracked the steps:
1. Black on plastic bumpers.
2. Brown on hood and body, rust added to wet paint.
3. Gray on all, salt added to wet paint.
4. Added flat white, then gloss white.
5. Nail 'polish', lots of coats.

The interior and drivetrain got painted.  Since everything on the engine is black, no aluminum, steel, colors, it was easier to pre-assemble.  There are some chrome parts, and oil filter should be white.  The interior has molded on pedals and handbrake, I masked a few details that got painted flat black first.  I noticed that I didn't paint the wheels the 80s monochromatic yellow.  Exhaust is steel, then rusted.

Can hardly wait to wet-sand it!

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13 hours ago, cobraman said:

I will be watching to see what you do with this kit.

I practically wrecked it.  :lol:

13 hours ago, bobthehobbyguy said:

Cool project. Nice start.

Thanks.  And it's done!

This morning over coffee, did the wet-sanding process.  The nail 'polish' is much harder than model paint, so once it cut through, had to reduce pressure.

Also wet-sanded the decals, not under running water though.

The stage before putting the interior in, and chassis pan on.

Something was interfering, had to clamp.

The biggest problem was the long turbo hose from the back turbo to the left side, it hardly fit at all, and the brake booster didn't have a locator pin, so of course it was in the wrong place.  Lucky the plastic bent easily instead of breaking.  The hood still won't go all the way down.  This is the achilles heel of this kit!

Airbrushed several steps of weathering.  One more thing to do, is flatten the tires, it's on 3.  Gotta eat dinner!!

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Good start!

It's like the modern version of the Joe Dirt Daytona.


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