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I sat down today and really moved things along with this build. Its great to have a better grille option for the 67-69 trucks. Thanks to Bill at Rookie Resin. 

Going for a slightly tuned up, slightly weathered look. I was waiting for the right chance to use these AMT ford wheels, and I am glad I still had them sitting around for this one. 

Still a lot of work to be done here, photos are just test fitting. I'm excited about the PE set from MCG, it looks REAL nice. Those will end up on the highboy as well.




IMG_6718 - Edited.jpg


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I let this project fall off my radar last summer. Finally picked it back up earlier this year and decided to strip and re-paint it. Now I am going in a slightly different direction with the project. Luckily Rookie Resin now offers even more coverage for making an accurate '67.

I heard Moebius will offer a 67' F100 service truck in the future. I am VERY curious as to whether they will make any alterations to the headlight bezels from their '69 kit. Either way, Bill @ Rookie Resin nailed it with these grilles. 

Grille, wheels, step bumper, door panels, and hood badges on this one all came from Rookie Resin.





IMG_8555 (1).JPG

IMG_8560 (1).JPG

IMG_8558 (1).JPG




IMG_8553 (1).JPG

Edited by Jim H.
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Looking fantastic so far Jim!  I too am curious to see if Moebius gets the grill correct for the upcoming 67 but I am betting they will probably recycle the door panels, hood badges, and everything else from the earlier kits.  We will see! 

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Finally calling this one finished. I am not sure how to move this thread to Under Glass, maybe one of you can help me out with how to do that. 

This was a fun project, started using the Moebius '69 F100. Huge thanks to Bill for the great parts used to make it a '67 F100. I will say, those west coast mirrors certainly are not for the faint of heart. They are really REALLY fragile. It was a huge relief once I got them off the supports, painted, and on there in one piece. Only once they were attached did it occur to me that they were intended to be used on the narrower '65-'66 Moebius kit cab, so they lean outward slightly. Regardless, I am glad I got some pictures because sure enough, I busted one carrying the truck inside after taking photos. Oh well. I would still recommend them, they're worth the effort. 

I glued the leaf springs lower on the frame than was instructed, so the stance is a bit raised in the rear.  I used the kit's wheel backs with the Rookie Resin steel wheels, which were a perfect fit on the kit tires. A strip of diamond plate from Detail Master was used behind the step bumper. The diamond patterns were nearly a perfect match. I also ditched the kit's red taillights. Instead I glued the bezels in, sanded them flush, and painted silver then clear red to create the taillights. I cut small squares off a racing stripe decal and used it for the white portions.

The air cleaner is pulled from the Revell Chevy Van kit. I like the way it looks compared with the Ford one. Still chose to use the Ford factory decal on it, even though I know that would drive some folks nuts. Inside I used the PE set from MCG to detail the dash and pedals and '67 door panels from RR. The door panels lined up perfectly and fit really well after I sanded some material off the backs. The grille fit rather nicely after some sanding. Kit headlights were a perfect fit, and I used an orange pharmacy bottle to create the turn signals.

Rookie Resin parts used: Grille, hood badges, steel rims, mirrors, step bumper, interior door panels

IMG_9031 (2).JPG

IMG_9029 (1).JPG

IMG_9027 (1).JPG











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Excellent work Jim!  You nailed the used slightly weathered look!  Love the engine bay!  Very well done all around!  It will be an honor to post this build on Rookie Resin's website in the upcoming customer gallery, thank you for your support!

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