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A cure for loose dog leg hinge doors affixed with a screw...

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Picking up on a project, I've been unhappy with the loose and floppy operation of the doors on an old 1:18th ERTL Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and tried the following to tighten their operation. One can only achieve so much for applying torque to attachment screws in excess or for doubling up washers, hence what is suggested here has value.  

Kept brief, I applied some thick CA glue to a plastic rod intent on evenly applying a coating of the stuff to the inside of the hole cast into the dog leg hinge as-delivered.  I needed something to take up the slack in the hinge, and this seemed a low-tech way to do it.  While things were still wet and setting up, I further applied many a dusting of MicroBalloon filler to lend greater substance to what was just glue at this point.  I dusted from either side, trying to apply the filler from all directions so as to be consistent.  


After waiting for the doors/hinge castings to dry, I was pleased to discover that enough bulk had been added to the inner diameter to each hole that I couldn't fit either door into position; i.e. I'd have to employ a small round file to open up each for a selective fit.  The process was slow for the stuff is hard, but then I view this as a plus given one can very deliberately creep up to what degree of tightness is desired.  Something to try then if one isn't strictly availed the option of pounding down on the top of a rivet, etc.  Thanks...

Mike K./Swede70

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I'm doing essentially the same thing to move the door forward on one and get rid of a horrendous gap. I'm basically just putting the hole where I need it to be, not where it is now. 

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