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Kenworth W925 Tribute

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Finished this a month ago after getting the decals from the other side of the world from echoxrayniner. It is a tribute truck for my friend who passed away. We flew flight sims together for years and drove American Truck Simulator together as well. He was as solid as they come. The hood number represents his day of passing. The plate decal was the wrong size (my fault), but he would have laughed because he was bigger than life itself. The colors were ours from the old flying days. Turn indicators were not in the box. This was my first and last big rig. It was kinda tough. RIP my friend. Thanx for looking.

KW_w925_ripabby1 KW_w925_ripabby3 KW_w925_ripabby2 KW_w925_ripabby5





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A nice way of having a tribute to a friend.  The build is well thought out and cleanly executed - it's a shame you're not planning to build any more big rigs.  It is great to see someone doing a nice job with a classic AMT kit.

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I'm now building this same AMT Kenworth W-925 kit in a custom 1970 Plymouth Plum Crazy livery with a fictitious Preston trucking company door sign. You are missing the lollipop flasher lights from the fenders. 

Did you get a set of amber lights on a runner like this one? Could AMT send you some replacement lights if you were to contact them and ask them? 

amber lights.jpg

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