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Paint codes galore

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Thanks for the link!

I have a number of paint references bookmarked, but not this one. They show the paint codes along with the color matches, so this'll come in handy for my paint guy who has sometimes had trouble looking up certain colors in the past. ;)

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On a related topic, I have a cross reference app on my phone that has been helpful.


It doesn't translate manufacturer codes to hobby codes, but it does cross reference the hobby brands.


Hobby Color Converter


16 different brands cross referenced, including Tamiya, Testor's, Humbrol, Vallejo, and a bunch I've never heard of.


Enter your brand, then the type of paint, then the colour, and it spits out all of the matches in other brands. 


it also has a scale distance converter in it.




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Hoping this would be a good place to post this, and sorry if it's not as this is my first post.


But does anyone happen to know what color this would be for the new Nissan GT-50? I'm going to do a 2014 R35 once I finish my 32-34s but this color looks amazing. 


If this would be the wrong spot I apologise, but was hoping with it being a paint thread it would work.


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