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Bewitched 1968 Camaro

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On Bewitched in 1968 Darrin and Samantha had 2 '68 Camaros.  One was an SS/RS 396 car with an SS hood and the other most likely a small block car with a stock hood.

Does anyone know what color these cars are, especially the SS with the black tail panel?

I'm thinking Grotto Blue.



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That's a good question.  This particular car only seems to be in 1 episode of the show.  During the 4th season they started with this '68 Camaro(with the Rally wheels) in the attached picture and for the one episode(it might be 2 episodes) they had the SS396 with the SS hood and then went back to this car again.


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Likely they were :

- P.R. cars provided by the Western Division / Los Angeles District Chevrolet 

- Pilot vehicles ; no V.I.N.'s 

If the former is the case , then the cars likely were either left in Universal Studios' motor pool (if they purchased them) or were returned to the aforementioned division , auctioned-off , and... ?

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