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'85 Mustang SVO


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I'd been pining to give this kit a proper go, as the MPC kits of those Mustang annuals were actually quite good. Plus in a wild MPC rarity, I got the '86 kit and discovered it doesn't have one piece chromed headlights but actually still has the recessed lights from '85 just with clear glass pieces to fill 'em, so I'm a double happy camper with this kit! I designed a decal sheet for the SVO in particular(along with friggin' well every '80s Mustang dealership option and factory option you can name) and thought I should try and do this one justice. Textured interior, plumb the whole engine and engine bay, try to keep the model semi-stock, though I'm still undecided on the wheels. Though lately I'm horrendously pressed for time working a full time job and doing decal designing in my free time, so model building's not even moved to the backseat, it's been kicked out as a whole just about.

My first intention was to do the whole model in white, including the trim. But I dunno, it does look really good but I wanna stay somewhat faithful to what Ford shoved out the door back then. And this is the result so far with the body trim decals applied, as well as the emblems, logos and a small test with the taillights.




Gonna let those decals set a bit longer 'til they've thoroughly dried and then I'll clear-coat the sucker. Meanwhile I've been fumbling about trying to nail those SVO tail lights, which had the three pin-stripes over 'em. Subtle as hell but they do really complete the rear end of the SVO, especially as back then only the SVO had those striped tail lights, GT being plain Jane. Kit tail light's got no color on it, which is nice opposed to having to silver out a section, this looks a hell of a lot more natural, especially with the decal. I dunno why but I'm always fixated on the tail lights, like with the '97-'02 Firebird, I always hated that the honeycomb pattern wasn't available so I made 'em myself!


In a couple of days I'mma get started on the 2.3 I4 turbo, plumb the sucker and decal up that massive turbo and air intake, which I've got some nice decals for to make it look sharp as can be! Speaking of which, here's the decal sheet for those interested:


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On 7/24/2019 at 2:01 PM, echoxrayniner said:



I'm curious...it looks like the air scoop centered (left/right) on the hood. On the 1:1 my son had, it was off center towards the passenger side. BTW, the scoop wasn't for aspiration, it was for the intercooler.


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