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This is a tribute build to my late father. He bought it in the fall of '75. It was originally white above the chrome and a reddish orange below. It later got painted solid red after a tail gate mishap and left front accident. I have a ton of memories wrapped in that old truck. I took my license test in it even though it was a 3 speed manual with no power steering or brakes. I took my wife of 33 years on our first date in it. Too many to mention.

I started with an original issue kit. About all I used of it was the body, dash, seat and door panels. The rest was either scratch built or sourced from another kit. The chassis is from an AMT '93 F-150 that has been backdated. It also donated the bed tub. The engine is from an AMT '66 Fairlane. The rearend, breather and radiator are from a Revell '69 Torino Talladega. I did a lot of work on this old model. But, I enjoyed every minute of it.






I also made a dog box for it. Dad always had it in the back when it wasn't being used to haul. 



I also painted the topper from the '77 to have another option.


Thanx for checking it out! 

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Wow! Nice build. We had a green  '72, I will eventually build a model of it based on memory. I can't seem to find any family pics of it. I think my dad only had it for a few years. The Ford was used and he bought a new Dodge in 1978.

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