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Greg Wann

1961 Mercury Monterey hood

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Mike Schnur wanted a copy of this hood made.  So I am making a mold of it.  I will give him several copies.  I am trying out a new way of claying up a subject.  I purchased some different clay in hopes I could give it a polished sheen on it's surface but my experiment did not work.  So, I have plan #2.  I am trying a thin plastic wrap on bare surfaces.  with the idea of some science or fluid dynamics I'm pretty certain I can make a mold work more efficiently or less drag.  I also made some tiny letters.  I mounted them on three inch long wood sticks 1/8 inch diameter.  By turning a couple of clock radios over, cleaning them, leveling them and pouring a small amount of silicone over them I got some great letter and number molds..  In order to make the letters I mix and pour some resin over them, squeegee the excess off and put it in the pressure pot with a toilet plunger cup set over it so the blast of air does not blow the resin out of the mold.  I'm pretty smart like that.  My wife calls the progression of such experimentation P.S.D.A., I think.  Plan, Study, Do, Act.  Well, I might have the words mixed up but you get the idea, we all pretty much do this changing of how something gets done.

1961 Mercury Monterey hood 1.JPG

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