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I had started this back in March. It was going to be a rusted out, heavily weathered old pick up. I was actually going to make a model with wheels for a change!

I experimented with layering thin layers of paint, for the weathering. I wasn't happy with the way it was turning out and ended up putting the kit away for a few months......

Broke it out a few days ago and decided to make it into a jet truck, what else?


I'm not sticking with this color, it will change. Just need to figure out where this whole thing is going to go....Is it a work truck? A delivery truck? Built for speed? I'll be trying to figure out a color scheme for the next few months....I'll probably end up repainting it a few times over.


I love that fat exhaust


I'll be replacing the little fins around the 2 rear exhaust. I made these temporary just to see how they looked.


For me, the most difficult part of building one of these hover cars, is the action in the wheel wells. It's difficult to find parts that fit into the space and still look as if they preform some kind of function. I used half of a V8 and the air cooled cylinder block of a VW plus some styrene tube to make a V-TOL type take off system. I'll be adding more bits and pieces as I go.  


I still have to figure out what kind of front steering/propulsion I'm going to put on. This is usually the second most difficult part.


Thanks for looking. I'll post more as i go.

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Posted (edited)
12 hours ago, Oldschool4x4 said:

Really like these builds you do! Space on.....

I like them too. I really wanted to make this into a traditional old beater truck. Rusted out, with tools in the back and torn seats. I had it sitting on my desk mocked up on 4 wheels. It looked cool, but I just wasn't excited about it. It sat on my desk for around 5 months and eventually got pushed behind my monitor. 

I started scratch building the big turbines about a week ago for a 71 Hemi that was going to be my next project, but I tried them on the 41 Chevy and they just looked too good.


So I need to come up with a clever name for it......

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Far. Out.   

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Thanks guys!!! I'm really enjoying this build.

The original grill that comes with this kit is a large solid chrome piece. No gaps between each of the fins. I attempted to separate them, bad idea! A few of the fins broke off and they were too flimsy. Looks like I'll be scratch building a grill.


Right now I'm imagining this truck in a medium 50's green. My daughter suggested a 50's cream. If you've seen my previous builds, this will probably change a few times.


I opened the sides of the hood. I'll need to find something interesting to fill the void. Mechanical pieces, plumbing, wires.




Thanks for looking!

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Do you have some separate photos of the Side and rear thrusters before they were installed and painted so I can see how they were constructed? Any help appreciated.

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Thank you all!!!

10 hours ago, Belugawrx said:

Looking good Dax !

Maybe a whopping big intake plenum under the hood😎

I was searching for something interesting that would peek out of the two removed side covers. I really like the idea of big intakes feeding all of the turbines, but I just cant find anything that fits the shape. I need to fill the space with something and the theme is "steampunk junker" So I took 2 rims from a 1/25th semi and wrapped it with styrene. I use the hexagon rod styrene for the bolt heads. The front facing the grill has blades like a turbine. I'll include photos of it later.


I experimented with different grills. This one was the best. It's recessed deep and looks aggressive.


There's rust holes in some of the seams.


I've moved the two main thrusters down to give more clearance for the side thrusters and the rear bumper.


The fenders, doors and bed are full of dents and dings.


I lost the hood last weekend! I have searched everywhere. I think I left it under the hood of my daughter's car. It's a long story and I feel like an idiot. I need to purchase another kit. I've searched all the hobby stored here in town and can't find it. I'll probably have to order it.

45 minutes ago, misterNNL said:

Do you have some separate photos of the Side and rear thrusters before they were installed and painted so I can see how they were constructed? Any help appreciated.

I will find and put up a few that I have. I just need to find them on my phone. I have a couple on my PC.

The side thrusters are 1/2 a V8 engine block with a few large diameter styrene tubes attached. You can see the transmission housings facing towards the middle of the car. My son gave me a few of his old Gundam kits when he moved out. If you have any interest in building a hover car, I highly suggest taking parts from your kids Gundam kits. They're never going to build them anyways........


I use wheel rims for the main body of the intake and exhaust. Lots of styrene tube of different diameters.


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