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I could write a page or more on this old truck model describing all of the work I did to it. But, I won't to save on the yawn factor. The short version is I basically started with a body, dash, a pair of seats, console, engine, transmission, rearend, steering rack and scratch built the rest.

Long version. I'll condense as best I can. The chassis is all scratch built except for the rearend and steering rack. All of the details are simulated to run through the chassis like the air, brakes and fuel line. A set of Pegasus Shuey wheels and disc brakes finish it off.



The engine/trans and mufflers are from a Revell Mach III Mustang. 


The interior tub is scratch built. I used the original dash with the seats and console from a Revell T-Bird SC. Steering wheel is from the Mach III. The dual master cylinders are from a pro street T-Bird. The speakers are from an AMT Dodge 50.  




The rest in the next post. Don't want to get a 404 error.

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On the body, I chopped the top 3.5 scale inches, shortened the bed 12 (7 in front of the wheel wells, 5 behind). The reason I did it that way is I don't like how stubby the rear of the bed looks on the full scale truck. To me, this is better proportioned. The tail gate got filled, roll pan added, filled cowl vents, removed the wipers, emblems etc. The bed cover is scratch built and hinged. Inside the bed, I scratch built the center section of the floor, air compressor and the tank (section of a Bic lighter). Battery boxes are from the AMT Phantom Vickie.  Paint is Tamiya Light Blue with a coat of pearl and clear. Dupli Color Bahama Blue for the interior and bed cover. I'm sure there's stuff I missed. Any questions, just ask. 













Thanx for checking it out! 

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So many body modifications that all flow together so well you have to study the shape to see them all. Outstanding scratch built frame. The paint finish is really smooth looking. This model looks like one of the high end builds out of some 1:1 shop. 

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