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1967 Camaro


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Buddy Repperton is a first class jerk. Arnie would have a different name for him, but it would be censored.

He had a cool car though!


This is the Revell 2 in 1 kit. Went together really well, although the front end parts did need quite a bit of sanding and manipulating to make them fit. My one issue came to the taillights. The left one fell into the body after I finished it up and was taking pics. So i had to try and fish it out and resecure it. That was fun. And I just noticed while typing this that the mirror fell off the door at some point. Of course, that seems like something Buddy would not give a hoot about, so I'm not too concerned. Some online pics show the car as being a light metallic blue, but the car looked silver to me in the movie, but we never saw it in daylight, so I'm not sure. I like silver, so I went with it. Built it box stock, and added some flocking. Have to thank Bruce here for the donation of the correct wheels for the car!







Once I get a moment, will have to display with Dennis Guilder's car.




So that's two down. Now to do the star of the trio...

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Very nice Camaro. The Revell mirrors are hard to get to stay together. I have used a very fine .021 drill and part of a staple as a pin to hold the two parts together. The trick is not to go thru the mirror face from the back side. 

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12 hours ago, Shambles said:

Cool idea, the Christine theme. Are you gonna do a diorama when you get the Plymouth done?

Yeah, I've been thinking about how to display the three when they're done. I also have a couple of the Yodel Plymouth Furys, so was thinking about painting one up like Det. Junkins' car. 

Then I'd have four Christine builds. 

Could easily get out of control, because in the book Dennis drives a '75 Duster, which I have in the stash for solely this reason. Buddy's Camaro in the book is a highly modified '76, so I could do that too.

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