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1953 Ford F100 Hot Rod

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With this project I'll be trying 2 things that I've never done before which is to build a 50's pickup and do a curbside model.

I've always liked the 1953 - 1955 Ford Pickups (56's too) except for one thing. I just don't care for how far back the wheel openings are on the front fenders. They make the front end look like it has a huge overbite!

I marked the cuts to move the openings forward 3/16" which is about 4.50 scale inches.


I made the cuts but before gluing the pieces I taped them in place to make sure I liked the look.


I glued the wheel openings back into place 3/16" forward then made filler pieces out of .040" Evergreen sheet.


Side by side with an unaltered cab & fenders.


I smoothed and cut out the stock grill.


I permanently glued in the front fascia in, filled the bumper bracket notches and blended the lower corners of the fenders in.


Out back I installed and blended in the kit provided rolled pan, fit the kit provided smooth tailgate, made rear steak pockets from Evergreen strip, fit the kits license plate holder and blended Revell 1948 Ford car taillight housings into the fenders.



Being that this is a curbside model its not going to have a detailed or even complete chassis. I was able to get the exact lowered and raked stance I was after by gluing the kits front axle directly to the frame and installing the rear springs on top of their mounts. I did want to have the rear axle in place so that when the model is viewed from a low rear angle there is something there to sell the look.


Here's the truck up on its wheels and tires with all of the modifications so far. The chrome-reverse wheels are from AMT's most recent 1936 Ford Coupe/Roadster kit and the double pinstripe tires and narrow cheater slicks are one of AMT's most recent parts packs.






Also, I'll be using this really neat resin tuck & roll interior set from Drag City Casting which includes actual door panels, something that the '53 Pickup kit has never had!


One more day at the bench should finish off all of the fab work then the paint process can begin. Stay tuned!


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Very nice work so far!  I will be watching.

I believe Foose did the same thing with the front wheels, check out the Foose pickup kit.

I like that you smoothed out the grille.  The "teeth" are chrome bits only on the top end model, but everyone seems to leave them.  I have removed them on my builds since the 1:1 trucks I referenced didn't have them.

Keep it going!

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Nice looking alterations so far Dennis. That front wheel well change makes quite a difference. Thanks for reminding me about it on my build. I like the interior upgrade too.  I'll have to show you some pics of mine that I started years ago on the 55 Ford. I think I threw just about every mod I could at it. Someday I need to get it out and finish it.


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Thanks to everyone for your comments and feedback. I appreciate them all!


Last weekend I finished up the fabrication work and have began the paint process.

I added louvers to the hood from the hood sides in Revell's '32 5-Window Coupe.


I filled the bed mounting alignment holes in the frame and drilled new ones 1/16" forward to close up the gap between the cab and bed, running boards and fenders and also to center the rear wheels and tires in the fenders.


Before and After.



I didn't like the kit supplied bed cover. To me it made the back of the truck look too heavy so I made a flush fitted cover from .040" Evergreen sheet.


Final mock up.







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In addition to all the other alterations, I really like the changes you made to the front fenders.

On that generation of Ford pickup, I always felt that the front fenders looked like they were on backwards. Until I saw the alteration you made to the fenders, I had no understanding of why. I never even gave it any conscious thought.

Almost every automotive fender has the longer skirt to the rear of the wheel opening with the shorter skirt to the front. This is reversed on the front fenders of those old Fords and that's what makes the fenders look backward! ?

Thanks for showing that.

David G.

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I love that front fender wheel location modification! Wish I'd have done that to mine!

Also love the smoothed stock grille, and I think I WILL do that to mine!

Since yours is a curbside, I hope you don't mind me showing what I did to my frame to get it lower:


Aug 3 006 (Large).JPG

Sept. 2 008re.JPG

Aug 5 004re.JPG

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Thanks, again, for all the feedback, everyone!


A small update, but one none the less. Now that the grill is in primer I wanted to show how I handled the headlights. I end up sanding down where the lenses go a bit and then opened up the reflector areas to take the chrome rings from Revell's 1949 Custom Mercury. This way I can paint the grill and easily have chromed headlight rings without any annoying masking. 



I also got the "chassis" and inner wheel rings finished in flat black. 


Everything else is in primer, wet sanded and basically ready for paint but I've yet to make it to the local hobby shop to pick up the main color. I do have the accent color on hand so I'm going to paint those pieces in the meantime.

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