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Kyle Busch 2017 Snowball Derby Winner

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I'm always confused about where to put my race cars at. I build short track cars. They're not Nascar, even though some look like it, so if this is the wrong place, I apologize.

The Snowball Derby, held every year in Pensacola Florida, is the most prestigious asphalt short track race in the nation. Kyle Busch has won it twice. This is his 2017 winner. It's a resin SLM body from Big Donkey on a modified AMT Nascar chassis. I build most of my race cars curbside, so there is no engine detail. Paint is plain ol' Tamiya TS-14 and decals are from Speedway Decals.  







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Looks Awesome , Tommy.  It may not be Nascar, I'm not sure. But as long as its a stock car, I think they want you to post it here. I put my ARCA builds here and nobody has moved them yet.  I believe this is the first Snowball Derby build I have seen posted any where . It's great to see a replica of one and I like that you have the correct Hoosier tires on it. Looking forward to more of your short track builds or any of your builds for that matter.

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