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I want to take a moment and acknowledge those that have posted comments along the way on this build.  Ray, Daniel, Chris, Dave, Francis and Marcos just recently.......I thank you all and the many others who have visited and not commented one way or the other.  I used to spend at least twice as much time at the bench as I do now.  As mentioned, "life" jumps in and takes up time from my hobby.

Dave asked the question (tongue in cheek I'm sure) about the logo on the cross rib.  I thought about it believe me.  But the rib is so small even if I could 3D print one you'd still not be able to read it.  Many racers bought Ramcharger units but because they weren't Mopar cars, they simply ground off the Ramcharger name and ran them regardless. Being that mine is going in the Maverick, well............ It was around the mid/late 70's  that the Ford 9" rear started to become adopted by many racers but for the time period I'm building this car, the Dana 60 was a more common choice in drag racing. 

So far this week, I've completed about half the assembly & I can't wait to get this piece completed.   Happy Easter to those that celebrate the Holiday!!    Tim

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Tim.... I am absolutely blown away by the rear end set up you have machined. My mind is seriously blown thinking about how many different set ups you had to do for this. Your Work is out of this world. I haven't been around here much lately and hopefully will be back here a little more often after a few more weeks. You have set the bar really high, hope I can machine as good as you one of these days. Cheers!!

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16 hours ago, Codi said:

It was around the mid/late 70's  that the Ford 9" rear started to become adopted by many racers but for the time period I'm building this car, the Dana 60 was a more common choice in drag racing. 

thanks for the awesome words Tim, and about this, i didnt know all this, i need to learn so much about this races from the 60's and 70's, keep doing the great work man

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THANKS again to each of you for following.  I've been going back and forth on certain parts of the build, wheels/tires for one.  Getting ready to do the chassis.  I've stared at the rear end for almost a week now and I can't decide how I want to finish it.  I should media blast it to replicate the original magnesium casting of the unit and paint it a realistic color..........but, from these pics, I like what I see as it is.  No one, well, maybe Sox & Martin, would bother to finish off the rear in a polished finish.  I'm not going to use Caswell's Blacken-It as it would be the wrong shade I believe.  The pics have double sided tape holding the back cover on and the 14 bolts won't be installed until I decide how I want to finish it off. Considered just blasting the pumpkin portion and polishing the rear cover.  Opinions are welcome on how you think I should finish it off.  cheers, tim

DSC 0071

DSC 0078

DSC 0079

DSC 0104

DSC 0089

DSC 0086

DSC 0081

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I know and am sure that the media blasted finish would be very representative of the real thing but I would be nervous to modify such a beautiful finish!  The part is beautiful as is but I know how much of a perfectionist you are...  There's nothing wrong with a little shine under a race car, no one would blame you! 😊

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Hi Sir!

Well, this is a real "objet d'art" as we say in french. Bravo! 

To your call for finishing suggestions... In our world of mostly styrene cars and parts, your previous cars have raised the bar as to what can be done with unusual talent and some well chosen chunks of metal. And I can't help it but to think that when we are privy to seeing your parts on this forum "in the raw", the very metallic nature of your sculptures is what leaves such an impression on us. Even the sight of the hair-thin "gaps" where the reinforcement ribs enter the "casting" of the pumpkin bring joy to an educated observer. Quality is good for the soul, in my view! 

So, at the risk of saying something that may offend some purist who like to stick to "absolute accuracy", I for one would be delighted to see them in bare metal forever. Just as I'm alway admirative of, say, a Kugel fully polished independant rear suspension. Or a spectacular bare copper body shell on a certain 21st century reproduction Shelby Cobra. A piano-black Cobra body? Maybe just  a finessed fiberglass kit car? A miror-polished copper-bodied Cobra body? Here is how you separate run of the mill from work of art! 

Besides, high-end publications such as Rodder's Journal frequently feature spreads of custom cars "in bare steel", for every car lover to feast on. It borders on pornography, but boy, do we like it! 

Just my two cents, respectfully. 


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Thanks Francis & Claude for the input.  I'm not going to take a lot of time wrestling with it, just wanted a quick "sanity check" before proceeding.  Francis, yeah, I thought about the "messing it up part" plenty.   I don't want to do that, and Claude, I appreciate the generous compliments but your observations are spot on too of the "real world" and what people do/don't do.   So, I'm going to polish up the back cover to a shiny finish with Mothers Wheel Polish and leave the pumpkin alone.  Insert the bolts and put it together and call her done.  I'll post some final pics of it very soon.    Thanks for posting gentlemen!  Tim

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Such impressive and amazing work, Tim. Definitely something to aspire to! I wish I had gotten in on the discussion of the finish. I'd have suggested the rear cover as you have it, but media-blast the pumpkin. No matter. Where does a hack, like me get off suggesting anything, to a guy like you? 🤣 Fantastic work, sir!

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Brad, thanks for the note and nice to see you here again.  Hope all has been well for you and you'll post some drag car build here soon.  cheers

Pete J. - "a year ago"..............thanks for reminding me.  🙃  Time IS flying and thank you too for the note.

Marcos - Appreciated sir.

Daniel - I agree on the blasting a portion of it as I think it would have looked fine either way.  But, of course once I blast it, there is/was no turning back so it's now shiny forever.   Thank you for the post and checking it out.

Ian - Thanks too!

Francis -  I always liked that saying but I did get a little carried away with the number of pics I took & shared.  I don't post as often as I used to so when I do................well, you know.    cheers

Dave (comp1839)  I so miss seeing your builds here at the forum.  I know your car is your passion at this time but I can always hope you'll bring a project back or start a new one to share with us all.  I DO have some interesting ideas on how I'm approaching the chassis now.  Drawing it up now and making a list of 1st and 2nd choices that I'd like to see for the various parts to fab.  I have decided to do a Hardy style chassis after doing a ton of research.  This week I've got a few "experiments" to try out first to confirm construction techniques.  Cheers, Tim

Dennis - Appreciate the sentiment and for popping by to check the car out.   More good things to come I promise.   Cheers Everyone!!!

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