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Thank you Chris......

Rear brakes are done.  Photos aren't the best as I couldn't get the camera to focus that great.  Too many fins for the camera to focus on......1st pic is of an Airheart brake that I was trying to mimic.  On Dyno Don's Pinto I believe. 

DSC 0040 (1)

DSC 0051 (1)

DSC 0055 (5)

DSC 0060 (1)

DSC 0074 (1)

DSC 0076 (1)


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I've been away too long.  After the rear brakes I was helping my daughter with a school project and blew my back out.  It's slowly coming around.  This 65 year old thing just sucks.  Eyes, now this.  Anyways THANKS to all that continue to follow and I promise to be back at it right after the holiday.    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!   Tim

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