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Fantastic update Tim, thanks for posting !

I haven't been in to check up on your progress lately, and man, I love all the eye candy you produce..lol

Excellent work

Hope your back is getting sorted out

Stay well...Cheers


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Good morning Dave, I can't tell you how good it sat down to do these.  I got to the point where I was wondering if I even remembered how to do things.  But, just like riding a bike it came together pretty well.  Thanks for posting and following along.  Tim

Bruce, yes sir, got my back, neck and other nonsense sorted finally.  I won't be able to do as much per week as in years past I'm afraid but I can still keep moving things along thankfully and it's still FUN!   cheers, tim

Hey Brad, nice to hear from you as always and that you still follow the build.  I'll be posting more regularly again should have some good things to share going forward.  I'm going to go back to posting more "how I did that" kinds of posts too so as to share how I tackled some of these things in the future.  Hopefully it will be of help & interest to others. 

Chris, ah, perseverance! Great word and really applicable for me.  I was getting down a bit thinking I might never get back to finishing this build.  I DO feel better now and had fun making those 2 simple parts.  The upper & lower A-arms are going to be a bit more of a challenge I think.  Stay tuned!  cheers, tim

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Thanks to JC & Dave and of course Francis for your comments........I was having some trouble posting so this pic is kind of a test to ensure that I can upload pics okay.........so far it seems okay.   Cheers to all...........

DSC 0019


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Thanks Jason, now that I'm finally back on the build you should see more frequent posts from me.  cheers

Today I got one upper control arm done.  I've yet to part it off of course and I have the front of it to round off once it's separated.  Next to it are the pair of "ball joint caps" as I'll call them for now.  They'll be affixed to the control arm at the front of course.  I never made these before so this was time consuming for me.  I'll share a pic too of the real one upper control arm I was trying to replicate. Cheers, Tim

Upper Control Arm 2

Upper Control Arm 3

Upper Control Arm 4

Upper Control Arm


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Joe, thanks for the compliment.  It's fun getting back into the swing of things.  cheers

Jason, machining them was a challenge I set for myself instead of making fabricated tubular ones. During the early 70's pro-stock rules stipulated you had to use "stock" (most were modified extensively) upper & lower control arms.  Not sure how Grumpy and others got around that at that time.  I wanted to mimic modified but STOCK control arms, the lowers will be the same when it's time for them.  Thanks for checking it out. 

Daniel & Ian & Ray -   it DOES feel good and I'm pleased that I've not forgotten anything. After that long layoff its fun to get back to it and I'm eager to get onto the next parts..... cheers, tim

Francis, thanks sir.  To be honest, I only took my dremel with the "soft wire wheel" on them with a few passes and they came out as you see them.  I did shape them with a sanding stick in a few places to get the final shape.......cheers, tim

Today I parted them off and took a moment to take pics to share.  All that's left of them is the ball joints and the 4 (per) bolts on the top ball joint plate.  Cheers everyone!  Tim

Upper Control Arm 5

Upper Control Arm 6

Upper Control Arm 7


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Someone needs to come up with more adjectives for us.

Tim, SO great to see you're back at the bench and of course you didn't forget. All the experience, ideas, and motivation was there all along, just waiting. Thanks for giving us inspiration.


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Hi Ian, Francis, Daniel & Chris.......Just saying that I thank you for your posts on the car.....sometimes we all need that little bit of support for whatever the reason may be. 

Dave, that's a great way of describing the process. I can only hope that the rest of the bits and pieces come along as well.  cheers

GoatGuy (Dave) - we've got together again sometime soon and get caught up.  thanks for checking it out once more!

Status on the build, I've got 1/2 of the steering rack made and I'm just waiting on some raw material to finish it.  In the meantime I've got the main chassis rails drawn and ready to go (they'll be brass btw) so as soon as rack is done I'm going to machine them.  Soon!

Cheers one and all, Tim

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