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Had to post some quick mock-up pics as I'm about to run out the door........promise to reply to each of you by tomorrow....cheers, tim

DSC 0010 (1)

DSC 0002 (2)

DSC 0001 (3)

Just mock-ups.......nothing detailed or assembled yet.........

DSC 0003 (2)


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I have some pictures to share this morning but first I wanted to reply to all those that have recently commented.

Nazz (Jerry) - A simple but much appreciated "thank you!"............

Bobthehobbyguy - I wholeheartedly agree with the talent on the forum and the different subjects covered here.  I'm happy to have found the forum 7 or 8 years ago. I've learned a bunch and made new friends too.   cheers

John Teresi - Thanks sir........and we're all waiting anxiously for YOUR next new build & thread.........soon right ?   

Chris Smith - "fly on the wall"...........I can't have "witnesses"............soooo..........  😁

Dave (comp1839) - "chipping away"..........yeah but SLOWLY chipping unfortunately.   btw, No cryin' aloud and it's looking good for the Friday visit too! 

Ian - "setups & commitment"...........I admit Ian I've used a lot of imaginative set-ups but so far all good.  I know machinists on the board, Dave, yourself, Francis and Charlie to name but a few can appreciate the process........thanks!

Francis - I admit the bottom portion to machine was tricky as we never want to remove a piece from a vice or rotary once started.  This one I had no choice but to do so and I was pleased to get it right all the same.  Thanks for noticing.   btw, "pro-stock, pro-stock, pro-stock, pro-stock"..............what car / engine are you thinking of if I may ask?  You can send me a PM if you're prefer........

Ray (cobraman) thanks for always following along Ray. 

Daniel (straightline59) - Also a thanks for your continued support and interest!

Mavdrag (Jose) - Appreciated!  

Chris Coller - "just insane"............HEY, who you calling insane, I'm crazy but I'm not insane.   🤣

Charlie Libby - Appreciate your comments and sentiments as always Charlie.  I'm following your new build as well and look forward to YOUR progress as well.  

Lastly, I'm new to the "Heart" (like) feature and just noticed that bytownshaker and Mattilacken both shared the sentiment.  Sorry if I missed that from anyone else that shared such a sentiment, I don't mean to be rude but sometimes I DO miss stuff!!  

The pics that follow are only mock-ups (the manifold itself is glued & assembled but the carbs are not permanently affixed yet)  I'm going to re-do the oil pan in steel and change the profile a little bit.  Then it's final assembly and painting/assembly the engine stand once and for all.   Afterwards, frame rails and finishing the car once and for all.   I figure 12 to 18 months should wrap this one up based up my current pace.........cheers everyone!  tim

DSC 0001 (4)

DSC 0004 (4)

been a long time but I'm rolling out the penny for scale purposes

DSC 0019 (1)

btw, I wish everyone could see the actual colors of the metals next to each other....the pics don't do it justice IMO

DSC 0024

DSC 0031 (1)

In this pic you can see many of the bolts & tubes used to detail the manifold

DSC 0044 (2)

Seen from the back of the engine

DSC 0048 (2)

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WOW Tim !!!  This is just a suggestion but I would have put instead of the 1 cent, a 17th century Spanish gold coin next to this jewelry just to be in the same value range !

I support you 100% to put this beauty on a stand to admire all the details!  Really fantastic !!! 👌

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Good morning to all, oil pan on the mill and should have it done today or tomorrow......but first let me respond to the comments.

Brad- Where have YOU been and why haven't we seen more of your work on the forum?  It's time to share sir!!!!    And thanks too!

Ian, thank you.......but now I want to know what YOUR next project is going to be?  

Claude, it's obvious I go to the "Giant Alligator Clamp" outlet.   Granted, with supply chain issues, their inventory is a wee bit low.

John Teresi - Jewelry, well so long as I don't have to wear my failures and scrap pieces around my neck, we're good. 

Brian - Thank you and for following along too!

Dave Ambrose - Appreciate the sentiment shared Dave........hope you like what's to follow.

Francis - PM sent.

Dave (comp1839) -  I'll be there around 10:30 unless something changes on your end!!!!!!      Cheers everyone! 

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Hey Pete, I did make an engine stand for it.......going to paint and assemble it next so I can get her displayed.   Cheers

Dave, Scott & Chris........appreciated!!!!    

A few quick pics with the new oil pan finished....I'm going to assemble the whole thing and get the stand painted by next week so I can wrap this part of the build up.....yeah for the "small" victories!   cheers, tim

I know the images appear alike but I had trouble with the lighting and getting the details captured.  I'll share all 3 for the heck of it.

DSC 0001 (6)

DSC 0002 (4)

DSC 0003 (4)


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