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Tim, curiosity has me...in following this thread I know every part is hand made/milled (not sure if the bolts are hand made) but just how many individual parts make up this engine (ball park number is fine,,,like I said, just curious)?

And...how many hours do you have in it?

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Ray, 65 years so far and soon 66..........I know it was a joke too and thanks!!   Gotta laugh at my age.  

John & Mike, thank you for the compliment.  Still a ways to go as you're aware but I am making progress.   cheers

Brian, I get asked that question a lot actually.  Parts, too many hundreds to count.  The carbs alone were 150 or thereabouts.  For time, well, I know I have hundreds of hours just in research and then doing the drawings to machine the parts, actual machine time runs many hundreds more.  So all in on the engine, realistically, it's north of 1000 hours.   Before you say it, yes, I'm nuts.

Daniel, thanks sir. If you could see the mental gymnastics I go through at my age to figure out at times how to make a part in and of itself, you would be flabbergasted.  But I do enjoy it, so there is that.   cheers

Davewilly, Francis and Jason........your continued support and interest, along with many others is a great motivator.  Always appreciated I assure you.  

Today, no bench time as I'm off to visit my friend, the Yoda of the Machining World,  Dave (comp1839).......can't wait to get caught up with him and see the BIGGER motor he's stuffing into his 37' hot rod.   Cheers one and all!  tim

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Hi Tim I was doing some research online and stumbled on to your altered build and lost a lot of time looking at it.  Amazing model my friend but I stumbled on a reply of yours to Chris Sobak from 2019 and it struck me funny.    Quote ------------ "Appreciated Chris!!  I'm going to do a simpler build next before I jump back to the Pro Mod.  A bit of a mental break if you will.  Really keen to do a Pro Stock Maverick.  I was able to pick up a sweet, totally complete kit from a gentlemen in the U.K.  Great foundation for it.  I've been checking out the forum and there is a ton of great info on the topic from others here.  Nobody beats this site for knowledge when it comes to modelling IMO.     Cheers !!  ------------  So how's that working out for you?  LOL

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7 hours ago, 1930fordpickup said:

This gets better with every page. 

Tim I think you need a Canadian dime for your picture and not a penny. Francis would like that. 

Not sure... our currency is already devalued enough as it is, no need to add another layer by putting it next to Tim's prowess!  😁

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Hi Tim!

You never stop to amaze me. The fantastic micro-machining is already worth the price of admission, but I see you also have a great sense of humour.

How else to explain the presence of the bright red water pump inlet rubber cap (!?!). You would not want some errant part to get lodged in the water jacket, would you? 

Fantastic. You made my day!


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Hi everyone, making headway on the engine assembly and the stand is partially assembled and painted.  I've spent a lot of time this week at the bench and it's been fun seeing these things come together.  I think you'll be a bit surprised when you see the end result.  Next week should be assembled on and on the stand.  Meantime, I'd like to briefly reply to those that have commented.  Cheers, tim

Daniel (Straightliner 59) - I knew you'd find my comment amusing.  It's just one of those things and it seems I just can't help myself.  

Andy -  Thanks for the post........a lot of great builders in Canada I must say and Francis is surely one of them. 

Francis - Your recently completed truck is sure bright.........I think you'll like my next round of pics.........hint-hint

Michael (mrm) - Glad you found the thread and hope you follow along for the rest of the ride.  

Claude - You saw that did you?   Just wait for the next pics.........The assembly is coming along better than I had hoped. 

Leonard (Redrocket10) - Thank you sir for the compliment.  I do appreciate it and hope you continue to follow along as well. 

Cheers everyone and try to stay cool!   Cheers, tim

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Still painting & detailing minor bits and pieces along with some painting ( I miss doing that, this has me really excited to start planning a paint scheme for the car )  I'm figuring another 4 or 5 days to finish it up and then it's onto the chassis or the body mods so I can get it into primer by this fall.  The plan is to complete the chassis over the winter & spring and then final paint by next summer.  Lots to fab yet for the chassis actually.  A few pics of the almost completed engine now........Cheers to All!  tim

DSC 0001 (7)

DSC 0006 (3)

DSC 0008 (2)


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Absolutely FANTASTIC and SPECTACULAR !!! 👌

Hard to believe that these huge BOSS engines were installed in these little Mavericks!   It just goes to show how hard the guys worked back then to get to the finish line first and it just adds to the appeal of this period in the history of this class, simply the best time in my opinion!

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I started this build Sept. of 19'...........almost 3 years now.  Health issues and many other parts made along the way and I can finally set the engine aside as completed.  I'm moving onto the body mods & clean-up now before crafting the final chassis bits & rails.  I did order some Splash Paints based upon others recommendations here to see if they might be perfect for the Mav.  The body mods planned required me to buy another Johan Mav (a cheaper promo model) so I can cut it up for panels etc.  But first.........

John Teresi - I'm blushing as I've never been called beautiful before. 

Ian - I have to disagree on the "clean engine" sentiment....you've never seen Dave's car and shop (comp1839)........spotless!

Francis - Of course I agree with your sentiments and like everyone else I can't wait to see your next build........goooo Pro-Stock!

Hakan & Jason -  Thank you gentlemen!

Dave (comp1839) - Always a smile when I get to visit.  Plz. let me know when you've fired the new motor.  I'll search for a vid of it.

Now the pics.........warning, pic heavy.....a dozen!      Cheers !!   Tim

Engine FInished 1

Engine Finished 2

Engine Finished 3

Engine Finished 7

Engine Finished 4

Engine Finished 6

In this pic you can see I media blasted the "cast" block for contrast and to simulate a 1:1 alum. block

Engine Finished 5

Engine Finished 8

Engine Finished 10

Engine Finished 12

Engine Finished 11

Engine Finished 9


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Hi Tim!

Absolute "Museum quality". I agree with fellow modelers that the pics make it look so real. There's just one giveaway, however...

Most engine builders have an engine stand that has seen so much duty that there is a slight bend in the pivot tube and/or rear of block "brackets". Let's assume your engine stand is brand new?!?

Just kidding, bravo!


PS: and the exhaust ports block-off plates: You are a NASA-grade machinist, for certain! 

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