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It started off as a Sox and Martin Cuda kit, but I never had the plans to build it that way. At first I wanted a box stock build with a black-on-black type paint job and wanted it as shiny as possible. Let's just say that didn't happen. The black paint, as gorgeous as it was for the first few minutes after spraying, crackled up like the surface of Mars. I had never stripped paint before but looked up techniques and products to use and ended up soaking it in brake fluid for a long time, but it didn't bring the body back to a completely new state, so I was forced to go a different route for the paint. Used the salt technique and my noob weathering skills to create the sleeper that you see here (the engine, chassis, and interior are like "new" on purpose). The car is box stock except for some engine bay detailing which at the time was my most detailed and realistic ever.  It's not exactly a subtle sleeper, but it's the look I was going for with plan B.

I am aware that there is a bit of salt left on the body from that rusting technique. It's been one or two years since I built it, and I noticed that the leftover salt came through the paint probably due to varying weather conditions.

Comments and criticisms very welcome!


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