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1:18 ERTL '70 Chaparral Camaro Trans-Am

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"...while the roll cage members leading from the main hoop into the trunk area enroute  to terminating atop the subframe rails were redone given they frankly hung in space.  It's frustrating to imagine that some aspects of the build have been appropriately seen to and  then to discover it just isn't so..."

Never a good thing. One of the drivers I was with in the BMW club races rolled his car and found to his and the car's cost that the main feet of the roll cage had been spot welded at an angle between the sill and the floor pan on each side. So they just punched through the whole lot when the car landed on it's roof. The car was a write-off and he was taken away in an ambulance.

These details matter, and you're doing a great job with a great car.





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Posted (edited)

Thanks again for the invested interest and tale sharing...

Here I've trimmed the base of the flares to better meld with the character line that picks up along the bottom side flanks of the second generation Camaro.  I hadn't really done all the work necessary to square matters away in this regard, hence further work on view.  I can work on these and exert effort to trim away what seems a lot in total, although the result always translates into a very slight improvement at best.  Not shatteringly different then - but better!  

Mounting the individual flares on clay blocks four times over for the purposes of resin casting mold manufacture  won't be fun, although I just can't conceive of risking all the work up until now for but a single try when it comes to bonding these permanently to this shell - or another.   Generally happy days - albeit slow...




Mike K./Swede70

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