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A long overdue update...

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Hey all! 


Some may remember me, some may not. I’ve been here 6 years but lately I’ve drifted in and out a lot, between university and battling depression and any gods amount of things my dedication to the model hobby has sadly faltered.

Thankfully, I’ve graduated and a new job and am about to move from home for the first time, and plan to make myself an awesome model desk for the first time in YEARS, so I’ll be having a look at various posts and things on here to see about making a great setup.


However, one thing I DID notice, was how dated my profile was on here. I was 20 at last update.. I’m now 22. And I saw that I only had 3 cars listed in my ownership... that number has now risen to 8!


So what have we? Well, let’s start from the start!


Well, first up is Lara, my first car. A 1989 Golf GTI. The one in my signature. She eventually suffered rust so badly that she needed to be reshelled. She’s mostly done,  but awaiting a respray...


Next up is Veronica, another Mk2 Golf. 


Then we have Debbie... After a timing belt failure on a road trip I did my first TDI conversion, using the engine from a Mk3. Then for a laugh I decided to try make it look like a parody of a dealership shoo van from the era... yes it’s a double entendre, and yes it got a lot of looks! 


Next up is Immy. Don’t tell the rest, but she’s my favourite. 


Then we have Polly, the sensible one...


One of my best works is next, Nelly. She was bought as a non runner, me and my dad got her running, and gave it a full restoration - including my first ever respray! I basically just took everything I knew from model making and applied it to a bigger scale... very pleased with the results!


Second last is my most recent purchase - with the new job I’m currently spending 5 and a half hours in the car every day on my commute. Up at 6am and home at 7:30pm... now you know why I’m moving house from my parents’ place! But I needed something comfortable and refined for the trip... and this was perfect. 


Lastly, is my proudest achievement... I scrimped and saved for this and to own one has always been a dream of mine. 1985 Jaguar XJ6 4.2 Soverign. The pics speak for themselves.  







So that’s where I am at the minute... for now. 


Im glad to be back with my Ohana. Hopefully this time, I’ll be fit to stick around. 


See ya.



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Tomo, I just recently moved my design business from Richmond Virginia to Bend Oregon . I too suffer from Bi-polarism and it's NO FUN . Let me know in a P-M if I can be of aby assistence as I was once a suicide as a phone listener in a phone crisis Hot line center in the U S. 


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Thanks so much everyone, your kind words mean a lot. 


@Tom - Oh I will be! I'm looking at houses next week, and first port of call is a model setup, I've already got myself a few kits in preparation. :D


@Eshaver - Thank you, that means an awful lot. I may just take you up on that.

@Duke - Fun fact, I actually just recently sold a W124! I sold it for funds towards the jag. Almandine red, 1992, Almandine red 230E. Fantastic car.


See ya on the bench.



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