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Any SimilR Ford GT builds?


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A little talked about kit and one that's almost impossible to find finished builds of is the 1/24 SimilR Ford GT.

Does any one have a complete build or WIP?

Seems a real bear which may be why many may have partially started and just walked away from it.

At any rate I'd love to hear about the kit if any one has one.

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1 hour ago, Gramps46 said:

I have the kit in my stash so you have my interest and am looking forward to what you get as responses.

Hi Gary,

I was able to find these;



But not much else.

Also on this forum a while back;

Jonathan/martinfan5 seemed to echo what I remember reading about this kit a while back.

I'm hoping for more build photos of any kind.

PS I think that if one is serious about building the kit, then perhaps buying the build PDF by Fabrice Marechal from Modelers Site would be a very good idea.


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Brian, I built it a few years back, and it just was not a fun kit to build, a lot of fit issues, I am sorry, its been long enough that I don't remember the exact issues.   Its a kit that can build up very nice, but its gonna take a lot , I mean a LOT OF WORK and patients to make it happen.

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