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1968 Oldsmobile 442 W-30


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4 hours ago, StevenGuthmiller said:

I hope to have this finished by then Wayne.

Shouldn't be terribly difficult.


It will be a little strange for me this year not having anything on the "factory stock" table.

The Olds will be on the "muscle car" table, and I will bring my '65 Plymouth Fury for the "street machine" category.

That will be about it this year. 





Looking forward to seeing what you brink..I know it will be spectacular..

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Thanks so much guys!!



Working on more chassis stuff today.

I finished up the scratch built rear shocks and installed them along with the remainder of the rear suspension and the rear portion of the exhaust system.


I also finished detailing the firewall and "flat spotted" the tires.

















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Thanks so much guys!!



6 hours ago, peekay said:

You seem to be reaching the countdown stage and it's obviously going to look fantastic when finished!

I believe I am at least getting close to the final stages.

Finishing foiling the body will likely be the last time consuming task remaining, although there are plenty of little things to do yet.




3 hours ago, kelson said:

would love to see you start a youtube channel to better show what you do.!:)

That sounds like work!

Especially for a tech illiterate such as myself! :P







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