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Present your growth as a builder?


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The first run of builds from my youth became long lost in the early 80's, so I have no pics to show for my crude efforts......and, they were crude, with only a few exceptions.

This build is from about 1985, when I got back into building models:


Initially built as a stock Cadillac, it suffered a 6 foot drop onto a hardwood floor.

After that, I had to replace the destroyed parts with the custom bits from the kit.

I've made it this far:


The last two pics are of the same car.


Not as far advanced as I'd like to be, but better than I was!

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I have been building since 1992, took a break between 00-06, most of my early builds after 2006 are gone now, but I think that I can start with examples of my builds from 2008 on...














I hope I haven't been going backwards at least.... :P

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On 10/4/2019 at 1:25 AM, Lordmodelbuilder said:

1st picture is my 56 Ford pickup I built in 1975.

2nd pic is my TransAm Ford Courier I built in 1980.

Next pic is my 56 Victoria I built in 2015.

36 Ford roadster I did this year,2019

I do love building models & love repairing old kits & old builds.

The Vega I originally built in 1975. Been repairing the hacked quarter panel wheel wells on it.

Also repairing the quarter panel wheel wells on the Falcon.









Brad that Courier/Trans Am is awesome!  Also I love the 56.- Mark

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What a great idea for a topic. I'm glad it got bumped because I missed it the first time.

I built car models as a kid and into my teens but stopped when I went away to college. It was only in 2008 that I resumed building after decades away from the hobby. So my contribution will be shorter term than most, my progress over the last 13 or so years. I recently sold off many of my earliest builds on eBay to make room on my shelves. But I have photos of them all and took fresh photos of many of them before letting them go. Here is my first model from April of 2008, a channeled Revell '32 Ford 3 window coupe. The thing that interests me now is that I was building with very little knowledge of what had happened in the years in between my misspent youth and the re-start except what I was seeing on the Internet. And needless to say my mind was blown with all the high detail stuff and aftermarket parts. And I must have been a glutton for punishment, deciding not only to channel the body on this thing, but include the cut down hood sides as well. I had zero parts for a stash, the kit being all I had, so it uses the parts on hand. But it strikes me now as a pretty aggressive first stab on modeling again! The photos are from 2021 for my eBay listing.


This was my second attempt, from the summer of 2008. Another channeled rod, this time a '34 Ford based a car I saw in Rodder's Journal. Even now I think it was a radically better effort. I was buying additional kits and aftermarket parts, learning how to paint, and generally making progress. I have always liked it and I still have it on my shelves. The photos are from 2017.


Here are a couple of equivalent projects from 2021, a couple of channeled Deuces. The two are somewhat different from each other although they're both in the 50's-60's traditional hot rod style I mainly build. The roadster is conservative and simple in it's single color, which it shares with the 2008 red coupe along with the cut down hood sides. The other  shares the technically ambitious character of my early builds - I guess I remain a glutton for punishment - with its chopped top and panel and flames paint. I've gotten more ambitious in the paint department, apparently. And I think I have my stances more under control.





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I built this old Dodge truck in the 1990s and rebuilt it last year. It's funny, I put a big dent in the door way back when and when I rebuilt it I took most of the dent back out it was just way too big. The Junkyard Dog Mack behind it I built when it came out in 1986 and it still sits the same way, maybe missing a part or two over the years. I can't bring myself to rebuild the Mack, it's a reminder of my model building youth.







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The 62 was my first build when I got back into model building. I used modern Camaro interior parts and the hood hump. It was kinda rough.

The 67 is a recent build I'm proud of. Added some personal touches but just tried to build it clean.


62 Impala.jpg

Demon interior.jpg




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Cool topic.

I don't have anything from when I began that still survives. Oldest build goes back to 2000. It's not much different than the ones from around 5 years ago. I started out really bad, got better and better, then regressed a little bit. My hands just don't work as good as they used to. 

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