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1914 Stutz Bearcat


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Hi all :)

Today I'll show you pictures from one of my latest builds, a 1914 Stutz Bearcat. The kit was from mpc and according to scalemates it was produced in 1974, which was quite noticeable in some points during building. The seats have been upholstered with very thin genuine leather from an old glove.

I hope you enjoy the pics. Don't hold back with critique and plaudits :)










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Hi all :)

Thank you all for your kind comments.

On 10/5/2019 at 2:21 PM, Classicgas said:

Stunning! Any engine pics? What was your technique for the wood?

Yes, I have. Not too much, but here you are

_DSC2751_20190405_mbk.jpg.8aee7664898dda40eb5a4a3d96933b57.jpg _DSC2785_20190422_mbk.jpg.41a8d8d3bc67f3b0be2f9884b33c6035.jpg _DSC2829_20190429_mbk.jpg.91254fb7b72f3cfdd2d741018880fe8d.jpg 

The wood was all done with Vallejo Model Air colors. First I airbrushed Model Air Sand, than I applied Model Air U.S. Brown and Model Air Mahagony with an old, short and bristly paintbrush. The technique is similar to drybrushing but with slightly more paint left on the brush to get some strokes. In this step it's important to brush only in one direction to get a realisitic pattern. After the paint has cured, I applied a coat of Tamiya Clear Orange. The floor was made exactly the same way, but before the Clear Orange had completley dried, I added some Tamiya Smoke over it.

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